Thursday, January 31, 2008


That's what I was left with the other night during a friendly game of Scrabble with J. Ridiculous right?! We called it a night and saved our game (we play travel scrabble in bed; I know it's weird), but I can't say I'm too anxious to return to it with these 6 vowels and a fairly useless consonant (I apologize to anyone who particularly likes "C" or has a name containing it). And I was all excited when I used 6 letters spelling "boxing." Who wouldn't be? I mean "X" is worth 8 points alone, and if I remember right I was on double word or something.

Eh...anyway, haven't felt very bloggy this week, hence the absence. And I haven't really been taking pictures this week either. Maybe this has something to do with it:

In case you have bad eyes or the picture is just too small or blurry...let's just say it is COLD! Colder than a witch's...well, I think you get the picture.

On the health front here at the Jackson house, J asked me if I would start getting up with him in the morning to work out or do pilates or some similar action devised to slim and tone. He's bent on getting back into shape. He doesn't seem to realize that I am bent on enjoying cake, cookies, pie, wild rice sausage and eggs for breakfast, cream sauces on pasta for suppers, and the like. I think he's going crazy. ;)

Jeremy's birthday was Monday...woohoo! 27 years old. Go J. =) He did really well on his test at work that day (only missed one) and actually got to come home a little early (not because he did well though; that's not how it works!) and we took Bugga to St. Cloud for some shopping and then out to dinner. Bug was very well behaved, it was wonderful! Then I went and left 2 (of our 4) locking-head diaper pins in the bathroom. ={ Arg! I don't think they took too kindly to our call asking if they would mail them to us, seeing as how we never heard back. This may all sound crazy to you, but I really don't know where I can pick up these pins anywhere local (maybe JoAnn's?) and I don't want to pay shipping just to order pins, since I long ago promised no more diapers or diaper paraphernalia. And they were the blue ones too, I loved the blue ones!

My life is just so stressful, right?!

Anyway, I should probably just get to the pictures.

Grady dumped out a container of beans on his tray while we weren't looking the other night. We were once again making our "beans and cornbread" supper. I think it's becoming a staple around here.

And here is the face he made when I told him he had to eat ALL the beans. Just kidding! Makes a good story though.

Another picture at a window. Man, it really makes him seem obsessed with windows, but he's not. I guess maybe I am; I just think it's so cute when he's looking out a window or trying to reach a window, so I tend to grab the camera. Hmmm, maybe I need to explore this window fixation of mine. Then again, some things are better left alone.

Okay, enough for today. It's the last day of January! Insane I tell you! Anywho (I don't normally like it when people say that, but it's a segue you see)...I'd love to hear from you if you're reading this! Stranger, family, friend, foe (well, I hope no foe is checking in)...come one, come all and leave a comment for me. Please! And if you don't want me to publish your comment (I do have to moderate it, i.e. give my wonderful stamp of approval) because you don't want other people that might be reading this to know you're reading this too...well, then just let me know and we'll keep it between ourselves. ;) Our little secret.

No, but seriously, leave a comment please. I'd love to know who's checking in and reading these ramblings and cyber-stalking my baby. HAHA. I'm totally kidding and I realize that didn't sound like much of an invitation, but I am sincere. Can't wait to hear from you!

Enjoy Happy New Month tonight! =)


Justin said...

you don't like anywho? I say that all the time butthead

Amanda said...

Thank you Justin! I can take the abuse in stride...but why is it whenever I go to type your name it almost always comes out "Justine." ;)

Kim said...

I enjoy thoroughly enjoy the blog and seeing how Grady is growing. Hope you don't mind I posted your blog address on family website. Others in Jackson clan would enjoy seeing it, too.

Anonymous said...

I am not much for bloggs and such, but I will definately be checking in on yours. Was that j dancing in the video where grady was making that funny face? If it was J tell him not to quit is day job. If you don't mind I'll have to show mom this. I know that she will love to see all of the pictures of grady.

Amanda said...

Kim--thanks for saying hello! Thanks for inviting us to the family website; it's been fun to see pictures of the family we haven't seen in quite a while.

Amanda said...

Hey Lindsey! I will definitely tell J not to go on "so you think you can dance?" or any of those other silly dance shows.

And yes, that is funny...he does sleep in that thing. ;)

Tell you Mom she is looking hot for her age (I won't share it or anything)! =) Well, maybe she can just read this herself. =)

Nichole said...

Hi Amanda!

This is Nichole; Chris's girlfriend. Danny & Linda gave us the address to the website so we've been checking out the pictures and seeing how you guys are doing. Grady is absolutely adorable and I really enjoy reading the blogs - while at work ;)

Hopefully someday we can all meet up!

Amanda said...

Hello Nichole! Thanks for saying hi! We really wanted to come down when you guys were in Superior end of December, but Grady got sick. =(

We are so looking forward to meeting you (and Kaylee of course too)! Sounds like it will be in June huh?! Can't wait!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Amanda!! Grady is so big and adorable! It is so fun to have this technology revolution in the Jackson family so we can all keep up with each other better. Anyway, tell Jeremy I said hi!

Amanda said...

Thanks Elizabeth for stopping by! I know, it is cool to catch up a bit this way. I don't think we've seen any of your family since...hmm...Christmas 2004? Is that right?! Crazy!

I'll tell J hi and I'll be stopping by your blog if you don't mind. I think I might have to consider you my politics go-to gal (can you tell I've been there already), since it's often a lot of gobbly-d-goop to me. ;)

Oh and congrats on your little one! You and Nathaniel must be over-the-moon excited. =) It's a little scary though too huh? ;) You'll love it.