Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life with the Fonz

Several times throughout the day, I hear this very tell-tale "Hey..." that sounds as if I am being joined by the Fonz. Only it's coming out of little Bugga's mouth. Cracks me up! J and I usually respond with our own best Fonz impressions, which I'm sure only encourages him in thinking this is a pretty cool noise to make.

Here's a kind of cute video of Bugga laughing as I put (clean, dry) dipees over his head. You can almost hear the "hey" I'm talking about during the video, so turn up your speakers. It's really more "fonzie" when he says it on its own though, so you might not catch it.

We discovered Bug likes black beans. Yum! At least when his Papa makes them into a delicious soup. We had wonderful homemade black bean soup and homemade corn bread the other night and there J and I sit, being the Momma and Papa birds we are, spitting whole beans onto our plate to give to Grady. ;) Nice image, right? Well, it was worth it, he ate them up.

About the corn bread though, really we should call it corn cake. We're not southern, and hence we found we don't like the real southern corn bread, which is not sweet at all. We like it sweet, bring on the sugar and honey! So it was a resounding chorus of "beans and corn bread...I mean cake" last night. (You really have to sing the song with a meal like that.)

Grady is on the cusp of walking, it is so exciting. Twice on Monday he took 1 step, as in one leg took a step, and then down. Then yesterday, he took 2 steps, as in both legs, away from the lounger in the living room (by lounger, I mean 2 twin beds set up in a l-shape piled with pillows and blankets; no it's not a couch per se, but we call it our "lounger"). He was going after Turdie; that fatty does serve a purpose! HAHA. And last night he took another set of steps, though he was so close to J it was hard to tell if he was really holding on or not.

At any rate, we figure within the next month or so, he will be walking. We are simultaneously looking forward to and dreading his aquisition of this new skill. I look at it as the demarcation line of when it becomes truly difficult to take him places. We'll see if I'm right about that or not. For once, I can honestly say that I hope I'm wrong. ;)

Okay, gross. I just had to fish a ladybug out of Grady's mouth. He won't eat his green beans, but a ladybug seems yummy evidently.

And finally, a few more visuals for the day (it can't all be words, right?). Here's one of Monka from the other day. She's such a lovely, petite girl. And the oldest of the pets by far, she's probably pushing 10 years old by now. You wouldn't guess it to meet her though. I hope it stays that way. And no, the gray in her coloring is not a function of her age. She's always looked like that. ;)

"Will this library card get me out of jail?"

Here's a shot of the "lounger" I spoke of. Want to play "Where's Bugga?" That's right, he's next to the gas stove. Safety first around the Jackson household. =)

And here's a shot of Turdie, harassing me from on top of the cabinets while I do dishes.

So there you have it, another day in our zoo.

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