Friday, November 15, 2013

Found my typing fingers...

I'm revisiting this whole blogging business.  I'm not going to be announcing it, as I'm not doing it for anyone but me I suppose at this point.  Heck, I may even lock this bad boy down with a password.  I wish I had the fortitude to sit and write and journal by hand, but I'm lazy and I can type here I am. ;)

So much has happened in the nearly 4 years since I last wrote.  Wait...4 years?!  Truly?  Wow, I don't even know where to begin.  I suppose chief among the happenings is that now we're the proud parents of not one, but two little boys.  And by "proud," surely I mean exhausted and terrified that we're doing it all wrong.  But that's parenthood, right?!

We have continued on our path toward healthier living, trying to be sustainable and do right by not only our family, but our community and our larger collective planet.  We miss the mark, a lot.  I collect blogs and articles, websites, and books like they're going out of style--pretty sure they're not--yet sometimes have trouble tearing myself away to just live this life I'm trying like heck to live well.  Parenting is a constantly evolving venture, the biggest struggle of which is being gentle and mindful and basically bringing up boys who will be men we would actually want to spend time with.  Playing the long game allows for some forgiveness and personal grace, but a lot of uncertainty and occasionally embarrassment in the present.

Life since I last posted has been filled with difficult losses and gains beyond measure, as is most of life I suppose.  In the end, the most anyone can hope is that our ledger board leaves us with something to smile about in those final years, months, weeks, days, moments.  Even if the day to day balance doesn't always feel like it's gone our way.

If I sound somber, I assure you I'm smiling.  Most days anyway. ;)  Writing tends to bring out a reflectiveness in me, that's all.  Until next time (which hopefully will bring a picture with it)....