Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mine: A Tale of Two Photos

Tonight I am away from my boys. And my special pittie princess and my fluffy ornery cats. hiss on all this alone time. So while I should be using it to sleep, as I complain I can never seem to get enough of it when I am with all my lovelies, I suppose I'll blog instead. Who needs priorities?!

I miss them.

iPhone pics-1

I also miss {the real version of} them.

iPhone pics-2

In the second photo you can see Bugga's tell-tale "scrunch face." The face he makes when someone actually asks him to smile. I want to be in his head and know what smiling means to him. ;) And in the second photo, you also see Paisley deciding she is most certainly uncool with any further shenanigans that involve being held in place, no matter how much she loves both Papa and the Bug. Especially if there are no treats involved. "Pshaw...hello humans, have you forgotten your primary role as treat dispensers for my hungry belly?!"

No, no cats. Again, they are far too independent to put up with such riff raff as the family picture. No amount of treats or unlicked cereal bowls can change that.

These photos bring a smile to my face. Excuse the quality, they were snapped quickly with my phone when I realized I wanted to see their faces when I could not see their faces. Makes sense, right? That's the beauty of this digital age, right? Sure. Seems to have panned out for now anyway.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On any given day...

These are two sights you will see in our home.



holding down the rug.



holding down the pillows (all 7 lbs, soaking wet, of her).

We have cats. Have I mentioned this?! Amidst all the Bugga-ladled posts, and all the pittie-ladled posts, have I mentioned these family members?

I was once a cat person. In some sense, I still am, or obviously these two kooks wouldn't be here. But once, I was a cat person, who was decidedly not a dog person. Imagine! Something flipped in my brain, or maybe just my circumstances, who knows. Either way, the canine species entered our realm of existence and the poor cats had to come along for the ride and hope they weren't forgotten entirely.

They ensure that they remain on radar by ruining furniture. And howling at inappropriate times. And having nasty cat fights in the living room at 6 a.m. just to make sure I'm alert to their plight. Oh and leaving furry evidence on every surface they can manage to touch (and sometimes by the miracle of air flow physics, surfaces I can't imagine they could ever touch).


Yes, cats live here too and I wear the evidence like any proud cat owner. Not in the form of kitty cat sweatshirts or anything ( people still wear those?). Today I display the evidence on my blog.


I have been MIA once again. Sometimes I go missing because life is so legendary I can't be bothered to blog. HA! {Okay, truthfully, this has never once happened!} Lately, it is more because life has been almost unfairly of the boo variety and I spend way too much of my mental energy just trying to make sense of it. Maybe in time, when recent events have settled a bit more, are a bit less raw, and I feel a tad more hope, I'll be able to share. Thanks to any readers who have hung in and still occasionally venture to this forgotten corner of the cyber world.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Silence is golden

Isn't that the saying?


At any rate, still here. I promise. Just a little...quiet. ;)