Friday, January 25, 2008

To fluoridate or not to fluoridate...

...that is the question. Ugh. It seems like there is always a choice to be made with this whole parenting business. Yuck! One day, you think something is a good idea, a doctor recommends it, or a friend or family member says they do this-or-that for their kid(s). Then you go online (oh the evil internet) and find all this crazy controversy. Today's battle: fluoride. Is it a poison? Or a helpful substance? I just don't know.

We did recently start giving Bugga fluoride/multivitamin drops. They were prescribed by our much loved family doctor in NY, then misplaced during the move, and we just found them and started giving them to him. It's probably only been about 2 weeks now. I figure, if it is in fact a poison, hopefully we haven't done much damage yet. The world is so scary and I'm sure there's bigger concerns than fluoride ingestion that I should be worried about.

Grady got out of his bed twice, possibly three times (I may have lost count!) today during the 2+ hour standoff over nap time today. Usually he's pretty good, pretty easy really, and goes down for nap like the sweet angel we know him to be (HAHAHA). Today, he must have decided Momma's timing was all off and he would remedy that for himself, since he's getting so old and capable. ;)

We re-signed up for netflix today. The deciding factor? They will have a film in shortly that is in limited release in theaters and community showings. It is called The Business of Being Born. I'm sure it will give me tons of wacky ideas for if we ever decide to have another child. Should be fun to watch. =) If nothing else, it might make me outraged at myself and the medical staff that urged pitocin on me to get the Peanut out. I'll have to try to watch without judging what can't be changed. That's always a challenge. On a less serious note, we're looking forward to seeing Ratatouille. =)

J came home early from work today, which is really nice since Bug is kind of a handful today.

Today's pictures take us back in when Bugga could smile and maybe even laugh, but certainly couldn't move independently. He's tons of fun now, don't get me wrong, but at moments I do miss those days in the early months. The days when we could put him somewhere and that's where he stayed.
Here he is at about 2 1/2 months old; one of the first times he actually was comfortable with "tummy time." I can distinctly remember taking this photo (and a bunch of others that day). I love the drool!

This is Bug just over a month old. Making a "woa!" face.

Back to 2 1/2 months here. Waiting for his massage before bedtime. =) A tradition that has stuck. Look at that cute booty!

He doesn't get his back massaged anymore because he's too mobile for that. He would take it as an invitation to sit up or try to crawl away or something.

He may be more mobile now, but thankfully he's just as kissable and huggable as those early days. Here's hoping it stays that way for a long time to come.

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