Sunday, September 20, 2009


Blood has nothing to do with it.


Neither does species {evidently}.


Yup, these 2 are like brother and sister in my book. ;)

Friday, September 18, 2009

See you on the flip side

It is official, sweet Branny boy is home to stay with his new family.


This past weekend, I went to his new home to do the adoption paperwork, and surprised myself by breaking into tears in relaying a simple story to his new Momma about how J noted the light bouncing around our home one day, and no Bran to chase it anymore. ={

It was mostly happy tears, but also those bittersweet tears of having shared our family with this beautiful creature and knowing that it was over for us, yet just beginning for his new family.

Bran makes #9. Pumba, Mischief (LT), Libby, Timon (Hammer), Bailey, LuLu, Olive, and Bowie came--and went--before him. I suppose if I count the pups, Bran actually makes #14, with Fergie (Suvi), Marie (Nya), Charlotte (Penny), and Tre (Millie), and Mugsy (Caliber; don't get me started on his new name) joining their new families before he found his place in this world.

It is yet to be seen if Sula will become #10/#15. She is still very much on trial, though actually the trial is on hold as she is back with us for the week. ;) Seeing as how I love her so, you can imagine this came as a very welcome visit. She goes back to her potential family next week and we will see where it goes. Her first 2 weeks with them weren't the smooth sailing I think most everyone expected, so the trial we thought was just a formality (because of her unaltered state, for the next week anyway) has turned out to be very much a trial after all.

For what it's worth, this is why I love trial visits, or foster-to-adopts. In a way, it takes the pressure off and keeps us (the rescue organization) very much in the loop for support and encouragement. Let's face it, the beginnings of relationships are rarely easy, and the dog-human relationship is no exception. Granted, sometimes a trial is not necessary and not warranted or wanted by the family, but there are times it is immensely helpful and it can frame those sometimes rough early weeks in an entirely different light.

Sorry, today's post turned into a commentary on rescue. Oops! That happens I guess. ;) Just goes to show, I often don't have a plan when I sit down to blog. Successful bloggers probably have a plan. HAHA. At any rate, I'm off the cuff usually, sometimes I have a picture. And the crazy voices in my head of course, if that's any consolation. Which for me, it's not. Oh well.

To atone, I offer this...


Happy Friday everyone! =)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Promises, promises

I just asked Paisley if she was going to live forever.

"Sure Mom, of course, haven't we been over this?! I promise to live forever, okay?"


I was reassured, for a moment. Then I saw her roll her eyes.

The nerve!

Guess she tires of her Momma's clingy, insecure ways. ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't ask...

Don't ask what these are...


I couldn't tell you. Personally, I just call them...pretty...and wild...and abundant on our little slice of this great planet.

My jelly jar glasses get a bit lonely too and I thought I'd give one of them something pretty to hold on to for a bit. ;)

I've been feeling the sting of this lately...


Empty nest. =( Okay, so it's still rather full in all reality, but "empty" can be such a relative term. Bran and Sula--recent foster-dogs-extraordinaire--both journeyed to new families this past Friday. It landed me in a bit of a funk for a few days. Now I've settled back into the {mostly} easy life with just the Bug, Paisley, crazy felines, and the hubs to keep in line. HA!

And anyway, how can I be lonely with this little face around?!


I call him many names too...Bugga...Goofer Snoodle...Little...Buggie...BuggO....My Little Turkey. ;)

Whatever I choose to call him, this is my new favorite face:


This is the face that makes my insides do backflips and turn to jelly all at the same time. I'm told--by J, who I suppose has studied my face more closely than anyone else at this point--that he gets this face from me. That my nose does this same scrunch, right up between the eyes. I'm guessing, it doesn't look near so cute on me. It's a face of consternation sometimes, just silliness others. Regardless of its roots at any given moment, I love when this expression pops across his little face.

This wraps up the random update for today. ;) Thanks for stopping by! =)