Friday, February 8, 2008

February, really?!

Funny thing....Jeremy actually pointed out to me the other night that I haven't blogged in February yet. Wow. Somebody's paying attention, huh?! ;) Extra good-hubby points for him. Whatever that might mean.

We finished that Scrabble game. J won. ={ While I was making my case for style points for words like adage, poi, whirl, and aliens, he was racking up 20+ points for such doozies as jug. That's right, jug. Frustrating? Heck yeah. And I don't often like to lose, but the guy's got skill.

What else is going on...let's see. Bugga is taking more and more steps. We're at that stage where it's like living with a tiny drunk guy. Minus the slurring off words and general unease that comes with having an actual drunk guy around. There's falling and swerving and it's just so much fun to watch. He can trail a good 6-7 steps together fairly regularly now. The other night, we were doing the whole routine of walking to Momma or Papa and then falling into them with a big hug. So darling! Especially since all this mobility means more independence which tends to mean less Momma and Papa cuddles.

Okay, so I've been away and I know I've kept some of you captive with my ramblings far too long, you just want to see the Buggem already! Here you go then:

This one cracks us up for the obvious reasons. ;)

J took this one; we think it's fun. You can see his tonka in the background (thanks Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Brandon!) and he's kind of got his squinty-laugh face going on. Plus you can see the tell-tale I'm-learning-to-walk scrape on his forehead.

Another cute one J took. With the same scrape.

And this is the one I call "I live here too." Isn't it curious how I'm absent from most all of the pictures? Okay, so it isn't really curious afterall because a) I'm behind the camera about 99% of the time and b) I'm in sweats and usually not feeling like being on the other side of the camera. Even so, with these conditions well in place, J stole the camera from me last weekend and snapped a few of me and Bug playing and then cuddling a little bit. Notice our bare-bottom boy; he spent all of last weekend that way except for nap and bedtime. Yes, we're crazy. And yes, we plan on replacing the carpet when he's older. ;)

Finally, here's the funny of the week. I've been wondering when he would fall asleep all askew in his bed because he plays so much before falling asleep at nap time (and gets out almost every day now too, grrrrr). Well, it finally happened. Two days in a row it happened actually. I did flip him around and place him in bed more comfortably once I snapped a pic or three.

So that's that. I've fulfilled my February blog requirements. HEHE. There's no requirements, what am I talking about?! Anyway, THANKS so much to those that commented and let me know they come here from time to time! So sweet. I'm still waiting for that random stranger...but not the foe. No, never the foe.


Kim said...

Great the pics. You've got quite the character on your hands. What am I saying, with 2 special parents like you and J, Grady is...less I say doomed, but that's not right...he's very blessed!! He's bound to "bless" us with a lifetime of joy AND entertainment!!

Amanda said...

Okay Kim, you are hilarious! And we will take that "special" comment with the best of intentions. Doomed, blessed, such a fine, fine line. ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't say that i've ever been around a little drunk guy Amanda...and I'm guessing you have been Jeremy maybe? Brandon is very conserened about where Grady is going to sleep when you are here next year...He wants to buy a hammock for him. The pictures are great. I love the blurry truck in the background...i think it was staged ;) I'm glad that you updated it. I've been checking every day since you told me about it. Anyways...I should just e-mail since I've written a book on here.

Amanda said...

Lindsey dear, you crack me up!

A hammock for Grady huh? We can just suspend him in your living room right?! ;) We're *hoping* by next year he'll just be in a regular bed...maybe even by the time you visit in May! Stay tuned for another funny bed pic; I'll probably post it next time I write.

And we didn't have to stage the truck, it's always around. =) It's his walker. HAHA. He also channels his inner-future-mechanic and turns it on its side and all the over to inspect it. Too cute!

Justin said...

so the picture of Grady playing with his dinger is classic... I love it... especially after our phone convo about Gabby today!
Thanks for sending the link again... too kind... too kind I tell you.
Now... I think we are due for another update????????????

Amanda said...

Hey Tara!

I'm surprised I didn't think of that photo while we were talking about that today. Funny! Yes, bath is prime self-discovery time. In that shot I believe he was checking to make sure it didn't fall off when he stood up. ;)

And shame on you for trying to goad (is that right?) me into blogging when you know I am fighting a severe internet addiction. That and you know my life just isn't interesting enough to update as often as I do. Hehe.