Sunday, January 6, 2008

let's get going...

Okay, so I have resolved to blog. Not really a New Year's Resolution so much, since I don't really believe in that hooey. Just a way of recording some of our crazy life, since I don't often sit down with pen and paper these days. The laptop, on the other hand, is my near-constant companion in my life as a (dreaded words!) stay-at-home Mom.

So here you have it. The first post. Groundbreaking, huh?! And no one really knows we're here...or at least I don't think so because I don't know how all this works.

Briefly, I'll introduce the cast of characters around here:

Jeremy--the hubby, the Papa, the fixer-upper of most all things broken or needing improvements around here, one of the great joys in my life and also one of the great annoyances in my life. We've been married since 2000 and it is hard to believe but he still finds ways to surprise me and make me laugh almost daily.

Grady Boone--the son, little apple of our eyes (ahhh...the cliche version), the noise-maker, the drooler, the little giggler, the one that is changing it seems almost every moment. Born Friday, April 13th, 2007, this little guy has certainly shaken things up here at the Jackson household. He will probably be the most prominent feature of this little space.

And I cannot leave out the pets, I will go in order of when they joined the family.

Monkey--the queen, a little dilute tortoiseshell cat that J and I adopted just after Christmas 2000. The is kooky and sweet and tolerates all of the craziness quite well considering she probably still remembers life when it was just the three of us. Of course, she had a whole life before she joined us that we always wonder about...

Paisley--or PaiPai, Missy Pants, the ornery doggie girl that J and I adopted in early March 2005 just after we lost both my Mom Carol and another cat we were lucky enough to share our family with for a time (Baboo, we still miss you girl!). It was a hard time, to say the least, but Paisley's antics helped make it easier and gave me something else to focus on other than just the loss of my Mom (a loss so profound I can't really find many words to describe it, though I try from time to time). She is a good girl, but stubborn, and very cute. Loves her Papa so very much; Mama she could do without on most days. She just never gets rid of me long enough to miss me and appreciate me. That's what I tell myself anyway. ;)

Turtle--or just plain Turdie and that name really says it all. We brought little tiny kitten Turdie home in May 2006; a co-worker of mine at the time had found him in the woods near her house and he needed a home. Of course, being non-cat people and him being a tiny kitten, they thought him a "her" and named him Tiki. Might have been okay, but he proved an unruly sort so we traded that name in for Turtle with the fitting shortened version of Turdie. He is fat and believes himself part dog. Still rather ornery, but age has slowed him down a little at least. That and all the weight.

We recently had to say goodbye to our male dog Ari, a topic I'll probably touch on another time. Lots of tears, we still love and cherish our boy.

2007 was insane. Something I'll go into later at well. I meant for this to be short. Being concise is not a skill I have been able to master, as most anyone who has met me, talked with me, or exchanged emails with me, can tell you. So, in the spirit of trying--and of resolutions--I'll sign off for now.

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