Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's win the lottery

Back to Monday, and therefore J back to work. =( We frequently talk about how we wish we could just win the lottery and J wouldn't have to work and could be around Bugga more. We talk about winning the lotto like it is a choice...not some one in a gazillion chance. Silly, we know.

In the meantime, during the work week, he's off to work before Grady is up in the morning, usually anyway. That's why the weekends are so fun; J gets to see Buggy first thing in the morning. Gets to go into his room and see him smiling and babbling to himself and bouncing around in his bed. I think it is important that the two of them get that experience; that Grady knows it isn't always Momma who comes and greets him in the morning.

I love this picture of Paisley; I think I took it last week sometime. Her eyes just look so beautiful! She is such a silly little lady lately. She really gives Turdie trouble, but other than that, she's pretty good. And she puts up with Grady really well. He loves her; she is probably among his favorite "toys." He pulls on her, uses her to stand up, and even tried using her to walk behind last night but she's too fast for that. ;) And then there's quieter moments when he is somewhat obsessed with her jowls, the little pink that pouts out from her lips. He'll sit and point at it and touch it, very gently, to his credit. Other times, he is definitely not gentle. There's pinching, hitting, eye poking. And she is a champ about it. So go Paisley!

We're trying to teach him "gentle" and sometimes we have to tell him "no" (and so it begins) and remove him from her area, and of course attempt to redirect him. Oh, the consequences of trying to implement discipline into his young life! What fun. There's crying of course, and stubbornness on his part (I wonder where he might get that?!), and the ever-popular throwing himself on the floor in protest...that is before he picks himself up and books it right back to Paisley.

For now, he is resting up so he can play with his girl later. ;)

I actually took a couple pictures of Monkey the other day; I realized with horror recently just how much Grady had taken over the camera. Yes, he's our real life, human child and deserves to have a million and one pictures taken. But I couldn't find anything taken in months of Miss Monkey Doodle. It made me sad really. I'll have to post it, she was playing with the ribbon that was around Bugga's taggie duck he got for Christmas from J's parents.

What else? Hmmm...we nearly drown in a sea of papers this weekend. We are finally trying to get unpacked again. Instead of just letting the shop be filled with boxes and ignoring it as best we could, we thought we'd try to bring some of the office boxes upstairs. My oh my! What a mess of papers! And probably a good half, or more!, ended up in the shred pile or the recycle pile. It's insane. And our shredder will probably bite the dust before we're done with it all. It frequently got overheated and needed a break. A few times it kind of creepily started back up when neither of us was attending to it (it would stop with a sheet half way through sometimes). We filled several bags with shredded paper. It's crazy!

Okay, that's enough rambling for today I suppose. I think there's another cup of coffee (black again!), a cozy chair, and a book in my near future. If little man keeps sleeping that is. And some days that is a very big if...

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