Saturday, January 26, 2008

Picture Saturday!

Not too much to say today (I promise!), but a lot of pictures. Here's Grady looking out the window. I love the sense of wonder over such simple things!

This one is titled "picking Papa's nose." Look close. ;)

And here's happy Bugga, climbing all over his Papa (that's J's head in the bottom of the pic).

But don't go thinking it's all happiness and light at the Jackson house....
Of course, if you know us, you wouldn't be thinking that regardless, but here is picture proof anyway. =)

Happy cuddles. I love this one because you've got happy baby, cute little baby toes (you have to look close), and you can see Paisley cuddling on the lounger with them. Yes, we're being naughty this morning, or rather I was being naughty, and invited her up to cuddle with me. No picture of that, but once J took over and took the Bug with him, I grabbed the camera and got to capture this.

For good measure, here's a video (or two). Grady has taken to making this funny pucker face. I realized it just doesn't picture well, so I was glad I tried to video it.

By the way, you don't need your sound on, but if you did listen to it as well as, I don't know what that noise I made was. And for further background, J and I were playing our own lame version of Name that Tune last night, only it was really more like Name that Band/Performer. J kicked my hiney! In my defense, who the heck has heard of Operation Ivy? Or Cat Empire for that matter. Though I have to agree the latter is pretty cool (hence the link). Oh, and that was Sublime who came on at the end of the video (I won't name the song, for fear of judgment, ha).

And the second one. You do want your speakers on for this one. Who could get sick of this sound? I love it!

Quick shout out to our friends the Stewarts in AZ today! (Hey Justin, Tara, Miss Gabby, and little Mister Mason!) We were on the phone with them for almost 3 hours last night (did you guys realize it was that long?!). We sure miss them, and when it's below zero here in MN, we have our fair share of envy for them too. ;) Thinking about hopping on a plane...

While we're at it, here's sending a friendly hello to Mema and Papa (J's parents Linda and Danny) too. We know they like to check in and see the pictures of little man.

So there you have it, I think we've covered about 90% of our readers that check in with the blog. How sad is that?! =) At any rate, much love to any and all who come to our little corner of the cyber world. Thanks for joining us!

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