Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bubbles for Bugga

Last night Mr. Bug had his first bubble bath. Yes, we're boring parents and it's been plain old water til now.

Well, it didn't work out great anyway because he is so used to drinking his bath water (I know, gross). So, he tried to drink and suck on his washrags (which are really just toys in our mind) and he ended up vomiting in his bath water.

Oops! So, I guess we'll hold off on more bubble baths until little mister gets a handle on his need to partake of the water in which he sits. ;)

Grady is enjoying playing chase these days. He gets quite the mischievous look on his little face when is heading toward something we have repeatedly removed him from in the past. Like he knows he's going to get caught and dragged away, but the game is just so fun! I'm' currently trying to capture "the look" in a picture, but haven't had luck.

Back to the bubble bath...I forgot how much I like them! I was so tempted to strip down and jump in there with him, so I had to take a bubble bath after he went to bed. Oh do we need a bigger tub!!! =) HAHA. I'll make do with what I have though. On a side note, for good non-toxic, natural bubble bath, check out California Baby. Nice line of baby bath and body stuff.
So there's my product plug for the day. Off to feed Buggem.

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