Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First haircut and other Tuesday ramblings

Okay, so the Hugga Bugga went down for a strangely early nap. Meaning I doubt it will last. So I better type fast; good thing that's one of my few real skills in this world (thank you Junior High keyboarding and just plain old good genes, you should have seen my Mom on a calculator, woa!).

Anyway, Sunday was Grady's 9-month-old birthday of sorts. I can't believe he's that old...yes, I'll join the choir of trite parents that lament about how fast time goes by. It is just so true! ;) In celebration, J gave him his first hair cut in the bath that night. Okay, so it really had nothing to do with his being 9-months-old and more to do with the fact that the top was getting long and looking funny in relation to the rest of his shorty hairs.

Let's see, what else is new??? He went for his 9-month well visit yesterday, which given his newly acquired stranger anxiety was pretty funny. Maybe I'll post more details of that some other time. The short version: I discovered that my cotton sweater is as absorbant as a diaper. =) Good times!

Paisley is doing well with her training. She still has her utterly stubborn moments, but she can sit calmly on her bed while J comes home and gets settled or if someone comes to the door, both of which are pretty exciting developments. Before, we always had to corral the dogs on the other side of a baby gate or crate them to deal with things like that. Or just deal with them hopping all over us when one or the other would come home. Hopefully we'll start attending class with her before the end of the month. I think she needs it.

Did I mention too that we might foster in the future for a rescue called A Rotta Love Plus that specializes in pit bull and rottweiler rescue? We figure since we have the set up for two dogs and we're used to two dogs, maybe it will be nice to help out and do so in Ari's memory. We'll see how it goes anyway.

So the pictures finally loaded! Woohoo! I'm been having a lot of trouble with uploading pictures lately. Hmmm...what magic occurred this morning? I don't know; I won't question it. In the first pic you can see the "tidal wave" of those long hairs on top of his head. Then the hair cutting pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

It might be time to share the blog with the grandparents. Since these pictures are floating around in cyberspace and I know they love pictures of the little man. Maybe I'll test it out on a friend first...hmmm, now who to send the link too??? =)

I suppose it is also possible that some stranger has stumbled upon the blog. Welcome stranger! Let me know you're there, if in fact you are there.

Oh goodness, I feel like I've lost my mind.

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