Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Momma's Helper

Ahhh, you maybe be thinking "who? Grady baby?" No, I refer to Miss Paisley:

Here she is laying in a pile of clean diapers while I try to fold them. What a kook. She did this to me the other day too only she layed on top of them, which really hindered the folding. ;)
And some of you may be thinking "fold diapers?! What the heck are you talking about?" Yes, we use cloth diapers. And though there are tons of cool new cloth diapering options out there, we are pretty old school and actually use flats (about 27" squares of cotton) and pins and then wool pants/wraps for covers. There really are fitted diapers and all-in-ones that are just as convenient for putting on as disposables. Alas, somehow we came to a place where flats seems to work the best for us. And little man's bum-bum doesn't touch all those chemicals and such. It is nice. We like it anyway.
Moving on, J had a sick say yesterday. =( Poor dude actually vomited. He hadn't vomited since he put an ax in his foot 2 days before our 5th anniversary. All those pain meds and antibiotics caught up with him on our anniversary and he was puking all over. At least we won't forget our 5th anniversary. HAHAHA. I think he is better today; he is off to work anyway and hasn't come back or called in agony, so I'm assuming his body is back on track now.
So I'm having fun with this blog thing even though we haven't shared it with anyone. Who knows when I will do so. It feels a bit pretentious to contact friends and family and say "here, we're blogging if you care to check it out." Almost like I'm assuming anyone would give a crud what is going on with us or what I think about things. If nothing else, maybe for the pictures of the Bugga. As a general rule, I have found people care a lot more when there's a wee one involved. ;)
Speaking of Bug, right now he is testing those precious lungs of his. Getting so loud! It's been quite a playful day around here with he and Paisley playing and licking (mostly Pai licking him, but I caught Grady mouthing her head too) and Paisley and Turdie chasing and wrestling around. Everyone is feeling playful, maybe I should join them...

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