Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

So here is the Bugga post. =) My poor little man has been sick since Saturday...with the big ugly D. =( That's diarrhea, and I've officially over-shared. Bug has never had the big ugly smelly D before this and here's hoping once it finally leaves, it stays away for a long time.

We went to the doctor Tuesday and the doc seemed to think it was on its way out the door, but sadly, here we are two days later and he still doesn't seem back to his 100% Bugga-fun self. =( We have also been watching his gums closely though and I have noticed definite changes in them over the past week. Maybe those molars are finally going to be joining Bugga for mealtimes (won't that be fun!). If so though...why must everything happen at once?!

I want this Bug back, the one enjoying tickles and zerberts from his Papa. He actually hasn't been too bad. And really, his being sick has had one positive side effect: super cuddly boy.

On Sunday, the day he and I were both sick--only I didn't get the big ugly smelly messy D, thankyouverymuch--I got to cuddle him in my arms while he played with my hands and slowly fell asleep. Say it with me folks...awwwww. =) Such a simple pleasure, and all because he wasn't feeling good. We don't get to see him fall asleep anymore because he's a big boy and goes to sleep on his own in his room, which is a blessing all its own I know. But there are times I miss those early months, when he slept best snuggled up against me and all signs of fussiness would dissipate if I just held him a certain way.

We've had several such cuddle-fests since Sunday as he has continued to need a little extra Momma closeness while he fights whatever has a grip on him. This morning, he snuggled against me for probably a good half-hour. I don't really know how long it was, as I couldn't see a clock and we were delightfully disconnected from all but each other for that small bit of time--no tv, no radio, the dogs were crated, the cats were probably roaming around nearby but in their own little cat world, nothing else to steal attention. Just me and Grady, alternately cuddling, giggling, giving kisses, or just sitting silently snuggled together. It's moments like that when I can forget about missing work, or feeling like I'm not making a difference in the world....because for now, he is the difference I am making and almost surprisingly, that is enough.

Okay, enough of my sappiness, right?! Here is a (rather dark) picture of J and Bug in their matching swimsuits. HAHAHA. Bug was not in the mood for pictures, so J slung him over his shoulder (not sure if he thought that would fix his mood or what). ;)

In about a week hopefully, weather and travel and health conditions permitting, my boys will be showing off their trunks while we visit family in NE. =) It's a nice thought, especially considering it is rainy and gloomy here today.

Here is Bug loving on his Paisley. It always makes me so happy to see how much he loves her. He loves to hug her and when he does, sometimes he makes this adorable "mmm" sound. Which made me start paying attention and realize that I make that "mmm" sound when I cuddle and kiss the pets or Grady. Not sure if I make that sound when I cuddle J, because let's face it, there's no time for that. ;) Hehehehe.

This one is for Auntie Lindsey. =) HAHAHA. I think she is the queen of self-portraits and that must be why I got it in my head to try to take one last week. As you can see, the only thing that came in focus are is shirt buttons. ;) Oh well, it makes me laugh, so I thought I'd share it anyway.

Oh, quick shout out to Jeremy's cousin Elizabeth and her hubby Nathaniel! They are getting ready to welcome their own little bundle of love and joy, little Gracie. Sounds like soon too, so lots of prayers and thoughts with them as they embark on this new exciting adventure. =)

While we're shouting...hehe...Happy Anniversary tomorrow to Aunt Danelle and Uncle Kelvin!!! How many years, I'm not sure I know, I'm guessing 11, but I may be wrong. Woohoo Kelvin and Danelle. And happy belated 35th wedding anniversary--yes 35, WOW--to Memaw and Papaw. And hopefully many, many more to come! =)

And while we're hoping...oh man, I just keep going don't I?!'s hoping Bugga gets all better and fast. I love the cuddles, I do, but I love a happy, healthy boy even more. And who says he can't be happy, healthy, and cuddly, right?! ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Warning: this post is a little pooch heavy and Bugga light. More on Bug later though. ;) Of course.

Speaking of the Bug, Pumba is GREAT with him. Nothing much that Bug does seems to phase this guy. Throwing toys, being hit, tantrums, running, throwing toys and running at the same time...Pumba seems pretty cool with it all. =)

Isn't he handsome?!

And don't forget cute! =)

Can't you just tell by Paisley's face here that she was beyond thrilled to have a new playmate? We were planning on taking it super slow, but these two had such positive body language that we gave it a go and they had an awesome 15 minute wrestle-mania before happily settling down to nap. This was Saturday; the wrestle-mania has been a daily (usually multiple times daily) event since then.

And yes, our resident girl lets Pumba lay with her and even chooses to lay near him if he lays down first. Well, sometimes. Other times, a girl just needs her space, you know?! We feel you Pai! =) Our little lady is shaping up to be an awesome foster sis and we couldn't be more proud of her!

I just did a training session, first with Pumba, then with Paisley. WOW, Paisley feels like a well-oiled machine compared to my little Pumba Loompa. ;) It's definitely back to basics with Pumba! It's good though for J and I to go back and consider training from those first steps again. Like the basics of leadership, and putting myself in the frame of mind of a pup who just spent 2 months in a kennel. It's frustrating and fun at the same time, that's for sure. Each little bit of progress is so exhilerating though, so it's all worth it. =)

And hopefully, these little steps will eventually add up to a big time progression: his forever home. Wish Pumba luck and keep checking in for updates on our new little snuggle-muffin.

Friday, May 23, 2008

We're parents again...

...foster parents, that is! Foster dog parents, that is. ;) I know, I'm so ornery.

What's that you say? Did Alvin come back? No, but red and whites must be crazy popular with the drug dealers in the cities. =( Because he does have similar coloring to Alvin and his Momma and littermates, and like them as well, he arrived in Animal Control after a drug bust.

So I couldn't even wait til tonight; I snapped a pic...albeit blurry...and just had to get him up on here. His name is Pumba, he's about 5 months old, and yes...I'm smitten. ;) Just wait til J meets him, oh we're in for it. J is a bigger sucker than me and that is really saying something. Pumba was so laid back and gentle when I met him, I couldn't believe that he is really still a puppy. He immediately gave Bugga some very gentle kisses on his ear, it was beyond cute. =)

I'm sure I'll have more to share as we get to know him and start working with him on all sorts of fun dog skills to prepare him for his forever home. I will say, we're only on foster #2 and I am already pretty impressed with the A Rotta Love Plus intake team--they pick winners folks!

The Picture Post

The promised pictures! Here is Lindsey at her "surprise" bridal shower. Like I said before, it wasn't such a surprise by the time we left the house. Apparently, my search for a note pad and pen to take with me was the final straw that tipped Lindsey off. =) So funny! As if they wouldn't have a pen and paper there already. ;)

Bugga with his Auntie Lindsey. =) Gosh, he just adored her! I have some other really funny shots of these two, but I think I'll save them away for now.

Such a big boy!

The Papa and Paisles love fest is always on-going...
Doesn't she look so zen here?!

"Ahhh, thanks Papa, that's just what I needed."

And another shot of happy little man to close. =)

I'm not giving up my secret yet either...mainly because I don't have a picture illustration. HAHA. If I have the energy tonight though, all will be disclosed.

(I really am building this up way too much, but a girl's gotta have her fun somehow right?!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've been meaning to post more this week, but somehow time is really passing me by. Go figure! So this is life with a one year old. Sure, those of you with more children or older children may scoff...that's fine, I'm just learning. I think it's one of those things we have to experience for ourselves at any rate. ;)

Bug and I were just outside enjoying some sunshine. I thought I went prepared. I had a bag: 2 balls, 2 kitchen utensils for playing in the dirt/gravel, and Paisley's wubba. Yet somehow, my lovely little explorer finds a board with a rusted nail and a cut open jug of deck sealer. Don't worry it was empty. Still, I will be asking J about why it was just sitting out in the driveway. Plus, it ended the fun, we had to run upstairs to wash off that interesting smell...the smell that made Bug want to put his hands in his mouth. Then again, what doesn't make him want to put his hands in his mouth?! ;)

I realized while out there though that I live my day to day life by extremely small goals. For as many books as Bug will sit through, get him outside each day, and...uh...the rest is just gravy I think. That's it. Read and go outside. =) I'm sure other moms have a list that includes a bit more--like maybe hanging the moon and solving world hunger--but for me, I'm finding that when I mentally check those 2 things off, I feel a small weight lift off my shoulders. Somedays I can't even check these off. Those are not good days. Other days, I accomplish them all before lunch and nap and feel foot loose and fancy free the rest of the day.

Okay, that last statement was a total exaggeration. I might accomplish those things before lunch and nap, sure...but I can't quite remember the last time I felt foot loose and fancy free. ;)

And today, I went a little crazy and added blogging to my internal to-do list. Little things crop up the fact that I need to go change my shirt because I still smell deck sealant. Ugh. Bug is on the floor eating his "who loves baby?" book...can that count as reading? I think so, I'm all about the stretch. =)

Oh and total tease alert...I have news for y'all tomorrow. ;)

And pictures to come in another post this time because I'm not patient enough to pick out the photos and wait for them to load. Am I really that lazy?! You betcha. ;)

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been away...

From the computer, that is. And here's why:

=) Our wonderful friend Lindsey and her Mom Linda (who live in WA) were visiting MN this last week. Lindsey stayed with us and therefore Bugga got to know his Auntie Lindsey and went completely ga-ga for her. It was beyond fun to watch those two get to know each other this past week.

Linda was a bit of a nomad, traveling around and staying with at least 3 or 4 different family members I believe, but we still got visit with her a good amount too. I caught the picture above at their family brunch on Sunday, which was followed by a "surprise" bridal shower for Lindsey. Naughty me--and all too attentive and intuitive Lindsey--it wasn't a surprise by the time she and I left the house that morning and here Linda was trying to convince Lindsey no such "surprise" was in store. HAHAHA. I love that I caught it (though it did turn out a little dark).

I've got tons of catching up to do, but for a few highlights...

We broke out the stroller for the first time since...gosh I can barely remember...we're just not stroller people. The sling is our usual mode of Bug transportation. ;) Bug has enjoyed a few strolls around our area though, complete with his little hat to protect him from the sun, which has finally decided to grace us with its presence for more than just a day or two at a time. Man, Spring is a late bloomer this year in MN I guess!

We have discovered that we have turtles in the swampy areas around our house. Pretty darn cool. =) We even have this rare beauty, called a blanding's turtle. I guess this kind of turtle is on the protected list.

Paisley has also been pretty attached to Aunt Lindsey this week. Yesterday morning she parked her big booty right up against Lindsey while Grady ran around playing and checking in with his 2 favorite gals of the morning (Lindsey and Paisley, in case that wasn't clear, hehe). I think Paisley was hoping they could all lay down and take a nap, check out her big yawn. ;)

Of course, she spared some lovin' for Papa too! These two went to a pit bull only fun camp at our dog training place this weekend. Pai won the prize for Agility Ability. So cute! Lindsey and I (and therefore Bug) were busy that day, so I missed my little lady's big moment, but I'm sure there's more fun camps, and hopefully agility, in her future.

You'll be hearing--or rather seeing--more from me this week. I have yet to cover the following fun topics...

*Papa and Bug matching swim trunks (yep, we're that family)

*The never-ending pit that must be our son's stomach

*All the new Bug-isms that grace our days (our little guy is getting quite the personality these days!)

So...good to be back. =) I sure enjoyed having a friend around this week and miss you already Linds! Hopefully we'll get together again to troll for cheap airfare to WA. ;)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

One more reason I can't fall asleep

Ugh. The fear that every little itch or twitch or tingle is one of them...the evil little, disgusting, disease-carrying invader that I have come to most dread in my house, on my things, on me, on my family members...TICKS!

We lived in the country in upstate NY for 3 years and J took the dogs running out in the woods around our place often during the Spring, Summer, and Fall (heck, in Winter too) and I don't remember even once removing a tick from our pets or ourselves. I can remember finding them in the house, but not on us.

Well, Spring is barely showing its pretty little face here in MN and we've already removed 2 ticks from Paisley. =( Not just 2 ticks that were hitching a ride either, they had bitten in and were taking in all they could of our little girl. Grrrrr, I am so angry!

As if that wasn't enough, the other morning J woke suddenly to bat something off his neck. He flung this mystery thing onto the bed and when he caught site of what it was--a tick of course--he was fully awake and quite hopping mad himself. Then when I got up that same morning and combed through my hair, what came flying off my head and onto the bathroom counter...a tick! Grrr, grrr, GGGRRRRRRR.

Thankfully, we have not found one on Bugga or in his room or on his bed or anywhere near him yet. My anger over these pests is really all about fear. They carry disease, any one of us could get sick and potentially suffer for life because of it. I'm beyond scared of that, mostly for Grady and the pets. The cats I'm specifically worried about because they are undoubtedly the hardest to check.

So we're trying to research what--if anything--we can do to limit our exposure and deter these little nasty visitors. If you have any thoughts, let us know!

A couple pictures so it's not just all me ranting about my latest health and safety concern. ;)

J got a shot of one of our many, many squirrels going for this little birdfeeder. It was so cute to watch this little guy or gal (?) experiment and work so hard to get to the feeder; it seemed pretty unsure of whether the little branch it hangs off of (you can't see it in the picture) would support its weight. Here is the 'victory' moment!

One night recently Bug was in a mood, just didn't want to be down on the floor playing by himself. But I needed to get dishes done, so it was the perfect time to experiment with back-carry with one of our slings (usually he's in a hip carry). Worked like a charm! He was quite content to lounge or hug forward and peak around to supervise my dishwashing (thanks for the help little buddy!).

Some random shots to close. Here's the little guy, all boy...bruise on his forehead, scrape on his lip and his nose, ruddy cheeks. The newest culprit of all the bumps and bruises is his attempts at running. He loves to try to run, but he inevitably gets so excited that he nose-dives. Most all of the time, he gets right up and keeps on truckin' and we don't notice the evidence til later. The other culprit? He's getting taller and hitting his head on things he used to be able to walk under. ;)

And here's a full body shot. He just looks so big and old. Not my little baby anyore! He's got his Papa's funky bed-time hair shooting up on the side of his head, that always makes me laugh. =)

Welp, I think I hear him waking from his mid-day slumber. Wait, the house is still a mess....oh well, at least I got to blog. ;) HAHAHA.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thanks Memaw!

In between supper and bath tonight, someone decided to put on a fashion show...

Thank you so much Memaw for the making my awesome fully reversible longies and shorties and for patching my green longies. Everything fits me great, aren't I stylin'?!

I especially like to reach down and touch the patches! =) They're way cooler than my toys and they're with me wherever I go. ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Park

For once, I'll try to restrain my nimble typing fingers and let the pictures speak for themselves. ;)

Whew...that was easier than I thought. =)

But now what to do with all that energy I saved?!