Friday, October 31, 2008


You know what I find spooky? People driving their vehicles while wearing masks.

Actually, I find it creepy and slightly unsafe.

So what scares you this Halloween?! ;)


MS. H said...

Hi Amanda!
I find the lack of trick or treaters, creepy. We did not have a single one come to our door. Next year I'll decorate the house more! And in the meantime, someone has to remove this candy from the house... ;-)

Amanda said...

YAY Paige, I got an answer!

See, we're the opposite, I think I would have found trick or treaters at our door to be very creepy. We don't have a porch light that works and we live out a if you're on my door, what are you doing?! ;)

Good luck with your quest for more trick or treaters though, you have year to develop a solid plan, hehe.

Now getting rid of candy, well, we're experts...