Thursday, October 23, 2008

Part Dos, Subsection B

I think this is the largest number of photos I've loaded into one post, so get cozy. =)

After the wedding, we headed outside for some pictures. Wouldn't it be cool if that had been a "J" instead of a "C." Oh well. ;)

There were some teenagers hanging out in this little tunnel, and I'm not afraid to admit I was a little nervous to run down and ask them to move for a bit. What can I say, I'm afraid of teenagers! HAHA. What?! Bugga is going to be one some day...agghhh. ;) Just kidding, anyway, they were totally nice little skater kids and just moseyed on. =)

There was a playground near by...

Doesn't her bouquet look vibrant here?

And a slightly different view...

The wind was fierce that afternoon!

We didn't blow away thankfully, so we made the most of it by gathering the Jackson crew for a picture.

The nephews and niece all were taking lots of photos too, so the event was thoroughly covered. ;)

Chris risked it and did the classic cake-smashed-in-the-face of his bride. ;)

The first dance. I think I'm out of order here, oops!

Nichole and her Dad Pat and little Kaylee. =)

Chris and Mom Linda, just a tad emotional. ;)

Jedd cracking me up some more!

I LOVE this photo of Aunt Kim and Uncle Kirk!

Papaw and Jenna share a dance...awwwwww. =)

Playing with a wiffle bat...what?! What do you do during a wedding reception?! ;)


The rings.

And being silly with the rings! =) I wasn't getting what I wanted out of the rings shot, so we just decided to be ridiculous instead.

Awww...aren't Kelvin and Danelle cute?! Yup, 11 years and 3 kids later, still lookin' good you 2!

The award for funniest pic of the night goes to...

I have no idea what Laura, Nichole's Mom, was talking about, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't what it looks like. You follow?! ;)

Chris kept playing with his ring. And he continued to do this all through our Mexican adventure (not sure if he realized it though, hehe).

We headed outside again later. The wind had died down, yay.

While we were outside taking photos, there was never any shortage of honking and waving by the cars driving by, wishing the happy couple well in their own way. =)

Whew...still with me?! Mexico is next! We didn't take near as many photos there. The heat and humidity tempered our desire to lug the camera around, that and our desire to just relax and enjoy ourselves. =)


G&M said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures... you guys need to start a part time business!

l e a h said...

I love the subsection subtitle.

And, I follow. ;) If you know what I mean. Hilarious!!

Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Grace said...

Wow- as always, amazing photos A&J. Of course, I'm sure it helped to have photogenic subjects! Seriously, though, I just love the one of the two of them with the blurred leaves in the background. It's gorgeous!