Thursday, October 23, 2008

Part Dos: the Wedding!

This post brought to you by blogspot...loading pictures in record speed this morning (at least in my experience, haha). Notice the spanish reference, I haven't forgotten our trip, I'm just working up to it. ;)

And first there was a wedding. =) The dress...stunning! Oh but wait til you see it on the bride!

This isn't the best photo but I glanced over to see adorable Kaylee oh so gently playing with the dress and I just grabbed and clicked!

I love this funny face! How does Nichole manage to look so beautiful making such a funny face?! I couldn't pull it off, I can tell you that much. ;)

GORGEOUS bride! Check her out!

Okay, so somehow we didn't get any good shots of Nichole walking down the aisle with her Dad. =( J caught this shot of Aunt Danelle talking Kaylee into going down the aisle with cousin Jedd though, so cute! Aunt Danelle to the rescue! =)

This shot came out "foggy"....hmmm. I still like it though.

Yes, there was crying. ;) (You might have to click to make this larger to see the drip coming off Chris's nose.)

I love this! Look at that happy face and you can tell by the back of his head (Friends reference anyone?!) that Chris is smiling and laughing right back.

Then the minister invited Kaylee up...and there were more tears. =) J caught this and I nearly tear up just looking at it, the look on Nichole's face says it all.

And the other angle... Must have been some fancy footwork on J's part. ;)

The happy family!!!

More of the happy family to come. I'm breaking it down into easy to digest portions, hahaha.

We were honored that Chris and Nichole asked us to take some photos at their wedding! Yes we were free...probably a huge deciding factor, hahaha...but we really tried to get some photos that adequately captured their special day and that they would enjoy looking at again. I can't remember the exact number, but there were well over 600 pictures, many of them crappy, to be completely honest. ;) We were so happy to have the opportunity though!

There were lots of things we didn't we totally didn't get enough shots of Nichole's family, for instance. Ack, live and learn. Though I doubt we're going to be taking pictures at any more weddings anytime soon. ;)

Okay, more to come, I'm chipping away at it! =)

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l e a h said...

Love her dress! Great shots.
I wore my hair down at my wedding too.