Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's start at the beginning

I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks now since we hopped a plane and flew to Colorado! I'll mainly let the photos do the talking today (how'd you get so lucky?! It's Monday, that's how. Hehe).

Kaylee and Jedd. Jedd's expressions rarely fail to crack me up! =)

Bugga boy had such a blast with all his cousins, look at that happy face!

One afternoon, Nichole, J, Danelle and I grabbed all the kiddos (Jake, Jenna, Jedd, Kaylee, and the Bug) and headed out for a walk through a canyon near Chris & Nichole's place. J caught this shot of Kaylee and I chuckle every time I see it. I just love it!

More of that beautiful girl!

We stopped the kids on this cute little bridge over a stream. We thought about it later and should have found a way to get Bug (safely!) in the shot, it would have been a pic of all the grandkids that way! I love sweet Jenna's expression here. =)

Toward the end of the walk, the kids were ahead of the adults and we were jokingly trying to get them to turn back around as we needed to head back. Aunt Danelle yelled out that there was a mountain lion...just as an off-leash dog with no owner came around the corner (the owner shortly followed, though for the record, I'm not down with off-leash dogs people!). It was too funny, but maybe you had to be there!

Anyway, why am I telling this story?! Because as we were walking back J instructed us to "say mountain lion" instead of "say cheese" and this is what he got:
Jenna, Jake, and Jedd heading down the path.

I'm so jealous that they have this natural beauty so close to home!!!

Later, we gathered the whole fam and headed down the same paths. Here we were trying to set up a big group shot. Don't ask me what Nichole and Memaw are talking about here, I was busy getting cactus in my booty. ;)
It didn't hurt too bad...and well worth the result. The FIRST family photo with Grady in it! The past ones we tried (in August 2007 and June 2008), Bugga was napping and therefore absent. So YAY, we finally got everybody! =)

Look at these amazing kiddos! Danelle and Kelvin, you have a beautiful family! =) Jenna, Jake, and Jedd.
More of that gorgeous family! Jedd was getting a little sick of all the photos. ;)

And of course, the wonderful family we were all gathered to celebrate. =)

I feel like I should ask for forgiveness for this one. ;) I have no idea what Chris was doing here as we all headed out of the canyon, but I imagine him saying "but Nichole...I've got to gooooo NOW..." =) HAHAHA.

Forgive me Chris! I laugh everytime I see this. So this last one was definitely just to satisfy my own sick sense of humor. ;)
Okay, more to come! I still have to cover the actual wedding and our Mexican adventure. And then I need to catch you all up on the current too...hint, his name is Timon and he is too cute (but aren't they all?!).


l e a h said...

Wow, you're quite the traveler!

Beautiful scenery in it there.

G&M said...

I loved the photos! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Jeremy looks EXACTLY like his siblings!!!

Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Grace said...

As always, I am in awe of the photos you two take! It was fun to be in Nebraska, but I definitely hope we will ALL be there together one of these days!