Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had some BEAUTIFUL weather today and happened to be out catching the last of the light tonight. Oh my gosh, it was just so pretty!

Check out Moanie-Bonies! He is living up to the second part of that nickname, looking so thin. He was skinny when he came to us just over 2 weeks ago, but then a couple days ago he got quite sick. Complete loss of appetite, diarrhea, and he vomited too. All he could do Monday morning was lay on one of the dog beds, no interest in anything. I was so scared! I was afraid he had parvo and if so, we would have almost certainly lose him, largely because the rescue doesn't have the funds to go through treatment, especially since it doesn't always work.

Anyway, after a morning and afternoon of me pretty much crying every time I looked at the little guy, he came alive and romped with Paisley in the yard and I knew Moanie was going to be okay. ;) So, turns out, I think the little guy got stopped up by high grass and stick consumption. YUM, huh?! He's obviously on the mend, but still oh so skinny.

Isn't he a gorgeous little boy though? =)

Oh and here you can see some of our new paver patio! We love it, though I can't say I'm loving the dirt that is the lawn now all around it. Oh well, grass will grow eventually. ;)

Love playing in the dirt Momma!

Even Turdie joined in the fun, from safe inside his perch on the lounger. Don't feel bad for him, this big boy wouldn't have wanted to be outside if we coated in all in cat food. He gets completely freaked by the outdoors.

Speaking of big boy and food, he is officially on a diet. Though since we don't own a scale, I'm not sure how I'll know for certain it is working. Based on his harassment of all of us, I'm pretty sure it's making at least some impact. ;)

My stunning Pai-Pai girl.

Joined by foster-bro extraordinaire. =)

I would have loved to get some shots of Bugga and the dogs, but I had the 50mm on the camera and they were all on the move so much, I rarely could get them all in the same frame. Such is life with kid(s) and dogs. ;)

Not much to say tonight I guess, but I will forewarn that I may go missing from blogland again because our computer is so sick now, it really needs to go to the tech doctor. ={ Poor thing. So many things aren't working and it is just acting funky,'s time. Wish us luck!

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sarah said...

Your pictures are great! Thanks for the following :) And about the bigger pictures, my advise is just google it...that is what I did, it's definitely a little tricky and I'm hoping to simplify it somehow otherwise it's going to take me forever to upload photos, we'll see. Once again, your pictures are awesome!