Friday, October 24, 2008

Part Tres: "No fee for looking"

Finally, whew! On to wonderful Mexico we go!

So there was a beautiful wedding (see Part Dos and Part Dos, Subsection B) and then way too early the next morning, we sadly bid adieu--or should I say adios--to Kelvin and Danelle and the kiddos (actually, I think the kiddos were in bed; I know, details, details) and Memaw, Papaw, Chris, Nichole, Kaylee, J, Bug, and I headed to the airport and flew to Puerto Vallarta. =)

By the time we finally waded through customs--complete with one member of our party (I'm leaving names out to protect the innocent) yelling to the customs officials inspecting his/her luggage that a certain brown powdery substance was so he/she "could poop" (hey, don't ask if you don't want the answer, right?!)--then waded through all the people trying to sell us tours and found our way to the people that were supposed to be taking us to the resort...

Hmm, I forget where I was going here. Oh yeah, by the time we actually got to the resort, I was so wiped out. ;) We got to our rooms, got our luggage, met up for supper and then hit the beach to find the most gorgeous sunset! Sadly, I was so wiped we didn't even go back to the room to get our camera. Huge bummer, because it turned out that first night was probably the best sunset we saw the whole trip. =(

Okay, on to the pictures. I just love the unintended censorship here. ;)

Yes, there was a nekkie toddler on our balcony. Hey, that's nothing, the night the resort lost power between the time that I--ahem, I mean someone--got all sandy down on the beach and returned to the room, there was a nekkie 20-something out on our balcony. ;)

Don't worry, there was a towel and it was dark. When your choices are 1) sand in various, eh, places or 2) naked on the balcony...well, let's just say you might surprise yourself. That's how someone explained it to me anyway, I mean I wouldn't know or anything...

At the for up close of the Hobbie tongue. =)

Bug in his ring, Kaylee in hers. Really, they were interchangeable. Such good share-ers, those 2. ;)

One day at the pool, this group of Mexican children were completely fascinated with Grady, it was so cute! They didn't speak English--like any--and I don't speak much Spanish, but they hung around and kept talking to me anyway, it was so sweet.

We were able to establish ages, the little girl's (you can't really see her in this picture) name was Rosa and the boys were her cousins. I realized a while after we were home that the one little boy was teaching me "boy" in Spanish, not telling me his name was Nino as I thought. ;) HAHAHA. The revelation came while waiting in line at Sears in the kids section, oh my!

Bugga took his naps every day we were there because boy did he need them! I joined him often enough too.

Papaw Jackson and Kaylee get hit by a wave. =)

The beach around sunset one night, looking toward Bucerias (north of Puerto Vallarta).

Beach snuggles. ;)

And some more...

This photo cracks me up. Look at Nichole and her Dad--the SAME posture as they stand in the water and await that wave. Life Father, like Daughter I guess! =)

Sunset and smooches, doesn't get much better than that.

One day, Danny, Chris, and J were all jumping into the ocean as the waves came in, it was pretty hilarious to watch! I'm sure I couldn't have gotten my feet off the ground if I tried.

"Whew, it's still there..." ;)

Danny went para-sailing (is that right?! I can't remember now if that's the right term) and this is his approach back down to earth.

Kaylee playing with her Grandma Laura's visor. Don't be alarmed by the highchairs, no one got sick. Okay wait...the little ones who sat in them didn't get sick. ;)

Same meal, one table over, Bugga played with Memaw's visor. =)

On the first day and the final day, some of us walked into Bucerias to check out the flea market and just get a feel for the place.

There were buildings going up or being rehabbed all over the place. Let me just say, I am no architect, but the things I saw didn't really inspire great confidence in me. Could just be my take, who knows?!

I don't have pictures from the actual market, but the line from the title of this post, "no fee for looking" came from one of the many lovely things the vendors call out to you to lure you into their little tent of wares. Very fun!

Trees on a truck. I don't know, just seemed picture-worthy. ;)

And evidently, interesting enough for me to end my post with it too. =)

It was such a great and memorable trip. We can't THANK YOU enough Chris and Nichole for inviting us along.
I'm serious people, December 2009...where are we going???!!! Someplace warm, I know, but we gotta narrow it down a little more than that, hehe. ;)

Tomorrow is Pit Bull Awareness Day. Betcha didn't know that huh?! In celebration, I will be preparing to finally unveil the new little sweetheart among us--TIMON! We picked him up not 48 hours after arriving safely home from our adventure. I know, barely enough time to breathe the "I'm home" sigh, but it's really been great having him. ;) Libby is doing well and her adoption will become final in the next couple of weeks, I'm so excited to see her again (I'll be going to the final paper signing).

Okay, off to enjoy my Bugga boy! I'm sure I'll be bringing more of him to the blog soon too. Just feels good to be (almost) caught up. =)


G&M said...

great pictures... and looks like you had a lot of fun... Here's an idea for Dec 2009... we live in a warm place :) Oh, and lookie you... 2 POSTS IN ONE DAY??? My goodness gracious... you go girl! The nothing new thing sounds great... It will be interesting to see you guys do it and the great things you find!

Amanda said... true, and it's staying "domestic" so to speak, plus Danny's brother is in AZ...heck, it can go in the hat! HAHAHAHA.

Know of any fun resorts that aren't too terribly expensive but have lots for kiddos to do (and adults, I guess we can't forget them)? It doesn't have to be a resort, I use that term loosely.

G&M said...

Heck ya! There are lots of family resorts here in the Phoenix area... Justin and I stayed at the Westin in Scottsdale... has waterslides, children's area... all kinds of fun stuff... Then there is a Hilton in Phoenix that is the same time of family resort... Scottsdale is the area with the nicest resorts though :)

l e a h said...

I've looked at this post in my feed reader about 6 times but I don't think I've commented on it yet...