Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm still finding sand...

...everywhere. =)

In my hair, under my nails, on our clothes, in our bags, in the washing machine.

I guess that's the sign of a good vacation: it really sticks with you. ;)

We're home from our adventure south of the border. Much more about that later I promise.

We had so much fun (was there ever any doubt?!) and I think I can say with all certainty that my hair is on the mend. Between the humidity and the water there in Mexico, it was by shear force of will that I was even able to pull it into a ponytail each day.

Don't worry, I have more to report than just the condition of my hair while on vacation. ;) Tons of pictures too, I can just feel the impatience welling up inside of me in anticipation of the load times.

Plus, there was a WEDDING! Congratulations to Chris and Nichole and little Kaylee too! This was all in celebration of a very special couple. And their oddly generous offer to take family on their honeymoon. ;)

More on all of it later. I need to cut myself off for now.

In the meantime, off to maker supper. *gasp* The same supper that I carelessly burned my arm making. I'm pretty sure I'll be more careful this time.

ps~Wouldn't you just know that the lovely ladies of A Rotta Love Plus had a new little boy puppy waiting for us to get home and bring him into the Jackson fold for some loving and learning?! Yup, more on that later too (no, he's not here yet, but soon!).


l e a h said...

Totally know how the everlasting sand thing goes.

Glad you are back safe and sound! Or is it "safely and soundly."

Can't wait to see more trip pics!

Libby said...

Hi. I'm cyber stalking your baby. And you. Not really. I'm distantly related. My dad and Danny are first cousins, I'm Libby (thanks for naming the dog after me! Or maybe I don't want to know the story of that).
Anyhow, I didn't get a chance to meet you but I heard that you use cloth diapers and instantly liked you, and thought I'd check out the blog that Danny told me about. Just thought I'd tell you I'm one of your crazy readers. It's been awesome reading about your last year!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, too funny, I have a reader I didn't even know about! And distantly-related-in-law-ish too. ;)

Drop me a line if you want Libby, who knew I named our foster girl after you (you really don't want to kno the story, haha).

Were you at the wedding in CO???

Cloth dipes rock. EC rocks more. Sure makes traveling even easier when he prefers to use the toilet. ;)

OH and HIYA Leah! To a separate commentor I know, I'm just saving time. ;)

Emily said...

You take beautiful pics (doesn't hurt that your subject is adorable)

deldobuss said...

Next time you're going to be in Superior, email me and we might be able to come up for the weekend. J(my J not yours!) and I are going up there for thanksgivng, but you guys are prob headed southward! Funny how that works.

Trish Chibas said...

Hey there! My names Trish. I was just looking up EC and found your blog. I love it! I'm excited about reading more. I've been practicing EC with with my daughter for maybe the last 3 months. We're not very good at it but we're trying. We got a very late start. She's 14 months old. Here's the thing...I'm pregnant again. So, this time I'm doing my research.

Off the topic of EC... What is that contraption your little man was sleeping in when you first starting blogging? Is that suppose to imitate the womb? That thing looks awesome. Our little one slept with us until she was a year old. It just wasn't for us. Neither my husband or I ever got a good night sleep and Brianna got into the habbit of sleeping on the boob. it was horrible. That contraption you have looks awesome. Would you mind telling me what it's called?

Well, your little man is absolutely adorable!!! I really look forward to reading more! Have a wonderful day~

Amanda said...

Trish! Welcome! That is really awesome. If you see this, PLEASE drop me a

I am trying to use your blogger profile to contact you, but it's not working. =(