Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh my!

I am just cuddling on the couch with my Pai girl and enjoying election coverage. This is just beyond exciting...and I am not one that finds politics interesting usually. How can you not be excited this year though?! =) Wow!

Check out my funny face...

J took this and yes, it's a little on the wonky side as far as representations of the Bug go. ;) Makes me giggle though, how about you???

In other news, Timoni-Moanie is enjoying his trial visit thoroughly, playing with his potential new sis Pinkerton (who has very similar coloring to Pai, only about 20 lbs heavier!) and charming people everywhere he goes. Is it any surprise?! =) They are taking it nice and slow, being extremely thoughtful and honestly, you just can't ask for better adopters than that. It leaves us hanging a bit, but I think I can call this one...hehe...I think Moanie has found his family. ;)

So we're down to one pittie for the time being...isn't that a pity?! ;) HAHAHA. I'm sure there's a dog in need waiting in the wings somewhere. =) In the meantime, Paisley is enjoying her status as the only dog again for a little while, and we certainly don't begrudge her that.

A shout outtonight...HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to our friend Justin! We thought of you on your day, and evidently that is as far as we made it. ;)

Today was a good day and seeing my toddler with an "I voted" sticker on will stick in my mind for some time, as well as the vision of Bugga in J's arms in the voting booth. And I can't forget the nervousness on the face of the election worker as the Bug booked it for the ballot-counting machine. ;) Ahhh, the fear. Welcome to my world mister. ;) I relied on hope that my parental voice would stop his potentially destructive motion. Hope versus fear. Which do you think won out? (Well you didn't hear any reports of toddler-ized vote-counting machines, did you?!) It was a great voting experience. =)

Back to the big news...g'night all!

By the way, I hear the president elect might be looking for a dog...I think I have some ideas. ;)


l e a h said...

Great expression, bug. You're CUTE.

Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Grace said...

I did hear him say they were going to get a dog if he won. I say you send him an email with the pictures of your cute foster puppies!

Trish Chibas said...

This is so cute! He looks like a little man.