Sunday, October 26, 2008


So yesterday was Pit Bull Awareness Day and since I took Bugga and our newest foster dog to a little pittie potluck, I didn't get the blog up introducing the newest member of the gang around here.

Can you believe I've kept this cutie under wraps for almost 2 weeks?!


(No, Timon didn't actually write his bio on the ARLP site. I know it's silly, and I promise I try not to be too anthropomorphic, but we gotta pour all the sugar we can into getting these little cuties into their potential new homes, right?! Yes, I linked "anthropomorphic" in case anyone thought I was making crap up there. Haha.)

Seriously, could he be much cuter?!

Yes, he immediately brings to mind our very first foster boy, Pumba. And much like Pumba, he is a total sweetheart, very snuggly, and Paisley even approves. =)

Don't they make a handsome pair???

Many a nickname for this boy already, as always. Timoni-zamboni, Timoni-spimoni, Timoni-Moanie. Most of the time, he's must "Moanie" around here. He has such a wiggle body--forget wiggle butt--his whole body wiggles in utter joy and will only begin to ease if he can lean up against you while you scratch his neck. And that's when you'll get the "moans" out of Mr. Timoni.

Timon already had a meet-and-greet yesterday, so we'll see if that goes anywhere. Early on, I was quite nearly ready to say "okay, we're done, you're home little buddy." ;) I'm not sure what it was, he was just melting my heart so fast. I think I've shored up my resolve again though and when the right family comes along, I'll be able to hand him over. I think. I hope. =)

In the meantime, I'll enjoy our nightly snuggles on the downstairs couch (i.e. the dog couch, hehe) after Bugga goes to bed. He's already mastered most of the house rules, so he's been easy to bring into the fold. We were due an easy one, nothing against sweet Libs and the Mischief man, but they were definitely more work than Moanie. ;)

Speaking of bed...okay, that was a stretch, but I do think it is calling to me. G'night all! =)
Oh and bonus points to anyone who can guess what Timon's theme song is... ;)

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