Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Big Girl Blog (i.e. no pictures)

So, I'm right back here again. I should be packing. Only I'm packing for 1 and you know that sounds so much easier than packing for 3 (plus dog)...but all that really does for me is make the procrastination stronger. (Notice I don't say "worse," I'm sick of looking at my procrastination as a negative...)

In an effort to limit myself, I am therefore not loading pics today.

And now I just want to give a big ol' cyber hug to anyone that read beyond that last line. {{Squeeze}} =)

In just over 24 hours I'm going to see my awesome friend Lindsey (and of course, our other friend Brandon, aka her fiance; oh and their little dog too). I am so excited! And over-analyzer that I am, I had to overthink and figure out why I am so excited.

Luckily, it came pretty easy. It is because of the caliber of friend that miss Lindsey is...she is just one of those people who I feel truly appreciates me for me. She weathered the transition to Motherhood with me, even though she doesn't have any kids. That's big! She listens to me talk about poop and sleep schedules and all the minutiae of parenthood without a hint of boredom and no eye rolling (unless she's just really good at hiding it all, which I suppose is possible when 95% of your interaction is by phone/email). Yet, at the same time, I did not become more interesting because I became a mother either, and I appreciate that just as much. That's the key--the fact that becoming a Mom basically didn't affect my friendship with her, didn't make it stronger or weaker--somehow that stands out because there are few relationships in my life that didn't swing one way or the other when the Bug came along.

Anyway, if you're reading Linds...know that I appreciate you for you too! Your generosity and humor, your limited diet (hahahaha, I have to tease), and all the other wonderful details that make you you. Can't wait to see YOU! (And Brandon and your little dog too, hehe)

Okay, and the Bug update since I've mentioned him anyway. He's crazy. There's your update. ;)

And when I said before that he is into everything, I simply didn't understand what everthing was, I didn't even have a clue. =)

He is signing more. In his repertoire now are "more" (the old standby, his first sign, though he is using it a lot less now that he has others in his toolbelt), "eat," "please," "potty," and "book." We're working on "bath" and "drink" and "thank you." This changes almost daily as he picks new ones up and I decide to try to introduce more. Oh and we sign "I love you" a lot, but it is pretty complicated as far as hand positioning, so I'm not counting on that one any time soon.

OH and Mischief went to his potential new forever family yesterday for a trial visit!!! If all goes well, his adoption will become final on Monday. =) This worked out perfect, since I'm leaving for the weekend, that way J just has to worry about Bug, Paisley (who is generally easy-peasy) and the cats (who can generally be ignored, poor things). Anyway, last night was awful quiet without our little Mischievous. ;) Each dog in our house tends to get a theme song--here's a little insight if you ever wanted any huh?!--and his was taking Prince's little ditty "Delirious" and changing it to "MischievIOUS" (I know, that's not how it is spelled or correctly pronounced, but that's how we did it for the song's sake). "I get Mischievious...whenever I'm awake...d00-d00oo-doo...cause so much trouble you can hardly take it...doo-doooo-doo...."

Moving on, hopefully the visit is going well. The family he went to (not the pot-belly pig family, though that would have been funny) seemed like an awesome match for him, so I expect only good things. We're so happy for our little Needlenose (another nickname, said with love I promise).

Okay, gotta get to it. All this time, all this writing, and no pictures! So sorry! Next week, I promise. ;)

OH my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh...can't go with saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA tomorrow!!! Wishing you all the best lady because you deserve it!

And Happy Birthday Linds on Saturday, I'll be there to help blow out candles, YAY!


G&M said...

Ive been patiently waiting for a new blog... I mean geez lady... you are starting to make me look good with your lapse in blogging! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Have fun and enjoy your time away!!!!!!!

G&M said...

ok miss blogger... let's get back on board here with some pictures and highlights from the Jackson household... come on now...