Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Once again, I should be packing. What is my problem?! Whenever I need to pack, I blog. It never does anything for my productivity, my bags don't magically pack themselves while I tap away at the keyboard...yet, I still find myself here. Instead of there. You know there, the place of organization and time efficiency. ;)

Anyway, thought I'd share a little Bugga and a little of me today before we escape to CO and then Mexico (yeah baby!).

If you look real close at the above picture...past the toddler booty...at the dirty basement window, you'll see a little green glow. That is Monkey. =) Or rather, that is Monkey's tag. I'm sure she was in there silently brooding and plotting her ultimate escape. ;)

Below, Libby and Bugga dig in the dirt together. In so many ways, these two were like naughty siblings. If they weren't causing trouble together, they were fighting over some toy or other. ;) Notice, I say was. Libby moves on to her hopefully-forever home today. It will be on a trial basis for right now, foster-to-adopt we call it. Send good thoughts to Libby and the family that has fallen for her and hope that they are the right match for each other!

More digging. Solo digging this time, though I imagine if you could go back in time and pan out from this photo you would find some kind of orneriness taking place by Libby or Paisley, or possibly both. Or J for that matter!

We went to the Arboretum on Sunday. What an awesome place! We will definitely be going back as we're pretty sure we saw but a fraction of what there was to see. That's what we get for trying to blow through naptime (YAWN..."we're just blowing through naptime, aren't we?!" A quote for you Arrested Development fans out there).

Back to the Arboretum, it was like a mix between Buschart Gardens in Victoria, BC and the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City. Very cool and so much closer than either of those also very cool places. ;)

Here Momma was slinging a somewhat crabby Bug. He was his pleasant fun-loving self much of the time, but he started to breakdown as we walked through the gardens. It is amazing how popping him in his sling dramatically improves life for all of us. ;)

And finally, as the title suggests, I burned myself this past weekend. =( I was making what has become a staple around here--refried beans with cinnamon and clove (from the How to Eat Supper Cookbook)--when I slipped with the masher and threw boiling bean mixture back onto myself. Do you suppose that's a sign I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing. Ugh. And a painful sign at that. =(

I even blistered. Yuck! And OWWWW. On the bright side, I have counted my blessings time and again over the fact that Grady, Paisley, Libby and J were all out of reach of the hot flying beans. Whew! The cats don't hang in the kitchen while I'm cooking generally, plus let's face it they're fast, so I don't feel like it was luck that kept them out of harm's way.
Okay, must go. Must go NOW! Those bags won't pack themselves, as I've learned time and again. Plus, I have to drop Libby off and take Paisley to class, where she will then board with our trainer while we are gone.
We'll be seeing some of you soon! Muchos updates for the rest of you all later. HEHE.
OH and I feel quite nearly famous today...go check out the BAD RAP blog. ;)


Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Grace said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Where are you going in Mexico? If it has to do with a beach, I am totally jealous!

l e a h said...

Yikes!! I don't pay attention in the kitchen at all...until something like that happens. Then I pay attention for like a day, and everything later returns to the way it was. :)

Cute baby at the arboretum! He has your lovely hair.

Have fun in Mexico!