Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Taking the Show on the Road

There are a kazillion things I should be doing right now:

cleaning out the litter box
cleaning the kitchen
taking a nap
trim the cats' nails
go in search of yet unpacked summer clothes

That's just a sampler, but I think you catch my drift. ;)

We are leaving in roughly 7 short hours or less to drive to NE to visit our families. And what am I doing to prepare?! Yup, blogging.

Uh oh, and I just got caught by the husband. Not to worry though, he'll just make fun of me unmercifully for my lack of productivity and my internet addiction and go on his merry way, accomplishing things in his addiction-free manner that drives me oh so crazy. =)

I'll get things done. It will just be hastily and at the last minute. I'm a procrastinator and I know there are many of us out there, otherwise there wouldn't be a word for this delightfully unhelpful condition.

Oh and I'm also a little spacy at times...did you notice that we have (quoting myself here) 'yet unpacked summer clothes.' UGH. I'm not even sure it reached 60 degrees here yesterday and today is a tad warmer but still darn COLD if you ask me. We think/hope/pray it will be warmer in NE while we're there, so at least I have a reason to go search out my summer clothes.

A couple pics for today, self explanatory I'm sure. ;) Though they probably usually are and I go blathering on about them anyway.

Foster-pup-wonder Pumba will be going to another foster family while we go on our trip and I can already tell we're going to miss him a lot. This may not say good things about our chances of success as foster dog parents. ;) No, wait, I'll be strong when the right family comes along and I'll be ready to let go. For right now though, I'm sure glad he's with us. =)

See you soon to everyone in NE and wish we were seeing you soon to everyone else. =)

Oh and this is my 50th blog post. Woohoo huh?!


Nathaniel and Elizabeth said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to travel with a little one! We are planning to go to my parents with a maybe two or three week old Grace for 4th of July and I am already wondering how that tiny 2 hour trip will work. Hope you have a great time!

Amanda said...

Still no Gracie yet huh?! Can you tell we're thinking of you guys. HAHA.

I'm betting at that age, your little girl will sleep the whole way and you'll be shocked how easy it is. ;) Then she'll get older and will be awake more and it'll cease to be so easy.

But, I could be wrong! Each babe is different, that's for sure.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth said...

I like your point of view...I have nothing to compare it to, so it can't be that bad! :-)