Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

So here is the Bugga post. =) My poor little man has been sick since Saturday...with the big ugly D. =( That's diarrhea, and I've officially over-shared. Bug has never had the big ugly smelly D before this and here's hoping once it finally leaves, it stays away for a long time.

We went to the doctor Tuesday and the doc seemed to think it was on its way out the door, but sadly, here we are two days later and he still doesn't seem back to his 100% Bugga-fun self. =( We have also been watching his gums closely though and I have noticed definite changes in them over the past week. Maybe those molars are finally going to be joining Bugga for mealtimes (won't that be fun!). If so though...why must everything happen at once?!

I want this Bug back, the one enjoying tickles and zerberts from his Papa. He actually hasn't been too bad. And really, his being sick has had one positive side effect: super cuddly boy.

On Sunday, the day he and I were both sick--only I didn't get the big ugly smelly messy D, thankyouverymuch--I got to cuddle him in my arms while he played with my hands and slowly fell asleep. Say it with me folks...awwwww. =) Such a simple pleasure, and all because he wasn't feeling good. We don't get to see him fall asleep anymore because he's a big boy and goes to sleep on his own in his room, which is a blessing all its own I know. But there are times I miss those early months, when he slept best snuggled up against me and all signs of fussiness would dissipate if I just held him a certain way.

We've had several such cuddle-fests since Sunday as he has continued to need a little extra Momma closeness while he fights whatever has a grip on him. This morning, he snuggled against me for probably a good half-hour. I don't really know how long it was, as I couldn't see a clock and we were delightfully disconnected from all but each other for that small bit of time--no tv, no radio, the dogs were crated, the cats were probably roaming around nearby but in their own little cat world, nothing else to steal attention. Just me and Grady, alternately cuddling, giggling, giving kisses, or just sitting silently snuggled together. It's moments like that when I can forget about missing work, or feeling like I'm not making a difference in the world....because for now, he is the difference I am making and almost surprisingly, that is enough.

Okay, enough of my sappiness, right?! Here is a (rather dark) picture of J and Bug in their matching swimsuits. HAHAHA. Bug was not in the mood for pictures, so J slung him over his shoulder (not sure if he thought that would fix his mood or what). ;)

In about a week hopefully, weather and travel and health conditions permitting, my boys will be showing off their trunks while we visit family in NE. =) It's a nice thought, especially considering it is rainy and gloomy here today.

Here is Bug loving on his Paisley. It always makes me so happy to see how much he loves her. He loves to hug her and when he does, sometimes he makes this adorable "mmm" sound. Which made me start paying attention and realize that I make that "mmm" sound when I cuddle and kiss the pets or Grady. Not sure if I make that sound when I cuddle J, because let's face it, there's no time for that. ;) Hehehehe.

This one is for Auntie Lindsey. =) HAHAHA. I think she is the queen of self-portraits and that must be why I got it in my head to try to take one last week. As you can see, the only thing that came in focus are is shirt buttons. ;) Oh well, it makes me laugh, so I thought I'd share it anyway.

Oh, quick shout out to Jeremy's cousin Elizabeth and her hubby Nathaniel! They are getting ready to welcome their own little bundle of love and joy, little Gracie. Sounds like soon too, so lots of prayers and thoughts with them as they embark on this new exciting adventure. =)

While we're shouting...hehe...Happy Anniversary tomorrow to Aunt Danelle and Uncle Kelvin!!! How many years, I'm not sure I know, I'm guessing 11, but I may be wrong. Woohoo Kelvin and Danelle. And happy belated 35th wedding anniversary--yes 35, WOW--to Memaw and Papaw. And hopefully many, many more to come! =)

And while we're hoping...oh man, I just keep going don't I?!'s hoping Bugga gets all better and fast. I love the cuddles, I do, but I love a happy, healthy boy even more. And who says he can't be happy, healthy, and cuddly, right?! ;)


Nathaniel and Elizabeth said...

Thank for the shout-out! :-) We both expected to have a baby now, but no such luck. I heard there was going to be a mini-reunion next week in NE and wish we could come! Maybe next time. Have a safe trip!!


Hello. I found your site through a friends friend....just wanted to say in my experiance with my 5 kids,the "D" ALWAYS came with new teeth!!:)