Saturday, June 28, 2008

All's right with the world...

Well, whew...the dishwasher and the clothes washer are back in business. I'm really such a baby when my technology breaks down, huh?! ;) No, it wasn't so bad, but it's amazing how many dishes a small family of 3 makes. If I didn't do them at least twice a day, it was too much for our drying rack to handle.

Also amazing to think that I rarely used our dishwasher before Grady, even though we always had one. I don't even think the change is due to Grady and the time and attention he takes. The root of the difference is still in Bugga though--it's the difference in how we approach eating. The fresh fruits and veggies, the actual cooking that we do now--it just takes a lot more prep dishes and cookware and dishes to serve the yumminess on. =) It's a wonderful change for us, though I wasn't thinking it was so wonderful when I stared at a counter full of silverware, cooking utensils, bowls, pans, plates, glasses...UGH. When I stared at all that and knew all of it had to be washed by hand...UGH again.

It was good for me to do dishes by hand for almost 2 weeks though. Sounds silly, I know, but it helped remind me to be thankful for all our blessings. And that meant the simple blessing of having the food to cook and the means to cook it and the means to clean it all up (even though it wasn't the exact means I would have preferred).

And speaking of blessings, isn't that little guy above just one of the best blessings ever?! He still isn't talking, but he knows where our nose, eyes, ears, and mouth are and happily points them out when we ask him. He can follow directions, so I know he's understanding things we say, he just isn't saying any of it himself yet. ;) He'll get there, I'm not too worried.

He continues to love the dogs so much. This morning, he was helping J give them treats for sitting nicely on their bed while the repairman fixed the dishwasher. So cute!!!

The other day, he was enjoying "ready, set, and go." He would back himself up against a wall and wait for us to announce "ready...set....go" and he would take off running. =) Momma and Papa were rolling over this new little behavior!

He is mastering slides by himself, including the slide in the pool where we go for parent/child swim. He is finally blowing bubbles in the water more consistently. He practices in the tub A LOT. =)

He can get himself up on the lounger now with ease and loves to run around on it (yes, run!) and stand on the window sills and mess with the window latches. Yeah, Momma's not so thrilled about the lounger stuff either. ;)

We know he's loving the bike rides because he tried to crawl into his little trailer by himself the other day when J was in the garage with him working on something. =)

He turns the pages of books we're reading together; this is one of my favorite things he does now. I love it when he goes and gets a book and brings to it to either J or me, or sometimes just sits down and turns the pages and inspects it from every angle. And he seems to have gotten over any destructive book handling practices that were once a big worry of mine, especially with the library books. ;)

So that's the big Bugga update. HAHA. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting.

Bugga and Momma enjoying morning coffee on the lawn. =)

Bugga helping the dogs get a drink. ;) Yeah right! After this picture was taken, he proceeded to step into the bucket. Then he and the bucket both tipped over and spilled all the water, much to the dismay of the dogs. Hahahaha.

The quick dog update: Mischief went to his for-the-moment home last Sunday, as I reported. Only then I called it his "forever" home. Turns out, not so much. They have decided they weren't ready for puppy-dom, though it sounds like the wise women of A Rotta Love Plus already have his next--and hopefully last--home and family waiting for him.

The first 2 families that met and wanted Pumba didn't seem to work out in the end. So that left me and J seriously considering making him a forever member of our family. In the end, we came to the difficult decision that doing that would be easy--he is such an amazing dog and fits in so well in our family--but it wouldn't fit with why we started fostering in the first place. So the search for a family continued and Pumba and I met with a family yesterday that are as near to perfect as possible I think--so much so, that I finally started to feel at ease with the thought of letting him go. Though that's not to say I don't cry thinking about it. ;) Hopefully more wonderful updates to follow about this development.

That wasn't so quick afterall huh?! What would you expect of me though? HAHAHA.

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