Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Day

Happy Father's Day!!!

Our day started with J having to free a little bunny that got stuck in our fence. Crazy huh?! Poor thing, we're really hoping he/she is just fine.

This afternoon, we took a bike ride into town to one of the parks to play a bit and then hit the Dairy Queen on our way out of town for a waffle cone turtle sundae. Mmmmm. Yum! Bug sure does like his sweets, much like both Momma and Papa. Thankfully, he still eats his veggies--well, most of the time--even though he knows there is such yummy stuff in existence out there. ;)

The dogs are all doing well. Having 3 dogs in the house, plus Bug, is pretty interesting. That's putting it lightly I'm sure. =) Probably my favorite part is that my little Monkey girl (our tiny female cat) will go up against all 3 dogs if need be and still come out the winner. That little lady does not back down. EVER! Oh how I love her!

Welp, that's the latest and greatest from the Jacksons. =) Not much really, right?! Barely worth checking in, right?! Hehe.

Yes, I still have other updates to do though. I'll get to it, I really will. In the meantime, the dishwasher is broken, I've been on hold with travelocity for 45 minutes, the litter needs changed, the trash needs to go out, and I hear J scolding some 4 legged critter in the other room. So I think I'll sign out for tonight. ;)

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