Monday, June 9, 2008

My Monday Bliss

Home sweet home.

We're back from our trip to NE. We had a really wonderful time getting to see family (and a couple like-family friends too) and getting to finally meet Nichole and Kaylee.

I have an INSANE amount of pictures from our trip, but for today, I'll post an image of my two guys and the two pups running in the yard. After driving all night while Grady slept, J and I were so exhausted today...but somehow, Bug is in bed asleep, J is out mowing, and I'm on the computer. ;) Ridiculous, I know. I'm getting reaady to tackle the kitchen, laundry, and unpacking before we undoubtedly collapse.

OH, and there is a new application in on little Mr. Pumba Loompa, so wish our boy luck. Hopefully this weekend we'll meet the family that hopes to add Pumba to their ranks and see how it goes. Our first big test in fostering--will we be able to let go?! For now, he's getting extra hugs around here. Gotta squeeze him while we can. ;)

So much more on our weekend of family fun to come this week.. We were sad to go--I don't think we could ever quite get enough of everyone--yet so glad to be home. If only it weren't quite so long of a trip...we could all get together more often. Of course, if anyone wants to travel to MN, we'll leave the light on. HAHA. =)


Lindsey said...

I'm ready to come back!!!

Amanda said...

Oh Linds, anytime. ANYTIME! And bring Brandon with you. =)