Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Good and the Bad

Another week gone by, another weekend oh so short (I can already tell). Life with 3 dogs in the house and the ever more toddler-esque Bug is exciting enough...add a broken dishwasher and now a broken clothes washer too...way too exciting if you ask me. ;)

Many of you don't say it to my face--though some of you have or at least the look on your face is enough to know--that you think our cloth diapering is coo-coo. Well, I hand washed a load of diapers in our deep sink last night. Bet that doesn't make anyone think we're less coo-coo. =) Makes me thankful we are so old school with our flats though because man do they wash up easy, even by hand. All the poo has gone in the toilet of late (or on the lawn as was the case this morning while we were all outside enjoying the nice weather, with Bugga sans dipe or pants, haha), so that made a difference too.

So what are the odds that 2 of our nearly new appliances would break down within a week of each other?! To make the odds even more wacky, add the fact that the problem with both is that their doors won't latch. Crazy, crazy, crazy. "Break down" seems like a silly way to term the problem, since for all we know they would work perfectly...if only we could close them. ;)

Let's see, what else is new? Bugga has enjoyed 2 weeks of parent/child swim class now and he LOVES it! Well, most of it. ;) He is still Bug afterall and he's bound to find something to be upset about, whether it's that he doesn't like the noodle or he wants to keep playing when class is over. We go twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. They have a wading pool type entrance in the kiddie part of the pool and he runs in like a Baywatch lifeguard saving a life. Or in this case, saving a rubber duckie and returning it to the teacher's treasure chest. =)

It really is fun, though some days he is a lot to handle because he does love to run and inevitably falls down and doesn't seem phased by it one bit, so he keeps doing it. And Mom keeps having mini heart attacks as she tries to hold herself back from immediately yanking him out of the water, trying to give him the chance to remedy the situation on his own, which he usually does and with a big watery smile on his face.

On Tuesday this week, J came home from work and took Bug on a long bike ride so I could catch up on things around the house. Once home, Bugga was playing and fell headlong into J's legs, which had a nice coating of dirt and chain grease. This was the outcome:

My Monkey Doodle yawning. For some reason, I love catching the pets yawning, just makes for a funny picture if you ask me. ;)

Here is Bugga in his chair for lunch yesterday, catching a show while he was at it.
3 dogs = lots of Bugga entertainment

Bug + Pumba = lots of brotherly love

It is getting harder and harder to imagine saying good-bye to this guy. J and I are both constantly debating--both within ourselves and out loud with each other--as to whether we should just adopt him and be done with it. =) Remember when I was talking about him being a bit slow on the uptake with training? Well, he has since fallen in line big time, learning a lot of the house rules in record time (especially for a pup who lived alone in a kennel for so long); he just fits in so well. Too well. ;) And Paisley and he make awesome play buddies, they're so comfortable with each other. I am taking him to another adoption day tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

And speaking of adoption...Mischief is going to his forever home tomorrow morning! We're so happy for this little guy. We're hoping his new doggie parents have backbones though because this little guy needs direction, or else he will probably be a terror. A cute terror, no doubt, but a terror just the same. Hehe. Congrats little Mischief! =)

Bugga is waking from sweet midday slumber, gotta go! =)

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