Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nebraska Revisited

For today, a few more pictures of our trip to NE. We really did have such a good time. Even though we took probably hundreds of pictures, there are lots more we wished we had--like we barely have pictures of any of the adults. Memaw, Papaw, Great Grandma Evelyn, Great Grandpa Glenn, Aunt Danelle and Uncle Kelvin, Uncle Chris and Aunt Nichole, my brother and sister-in-law, my Dad; J's aunt Kim and Uncle Kirk and his cousin Cassie too. So many people we either didn't get a picture of period or only got in a few shots. It's ridiculous! We totally skimped on the "big people," but we got tons of the kids. Of course.

Here is Jedd lounging with Paisley on a hammock. This little guy spent a lot of time doing training with Paisley. So much so that I heard him mutter, with Pai close by his side one night, that he was "so sick of this job." Then he promptly told her to go to bed. HAHAHA. I had to try so hard to stifle my laughter as I went to him and asked if he thought it was time for her to go take a nap in her crate. ;)

The Saturday night we were there, a big storm blew threw and there was the threat of a tornado! Jacksons had a whole slew of people over and sure enough, as soon as some of the people headed home, the whistles blew and we headed to the basement. There, crammed in the basement hallway, was Chris, Nichole, Kaylee, Danny, Linda, J, me, Grady, Riley, Faith, and little Colten, and Jackson's neighbor without a basement. It was a little scary, that's for sure. Of course, all was fine in the end. Here's a shot J got of Chris and Nichole outside after we emerged from the basement.

Papa and Bug matching swimsuits--again, and a better picture this time!

Bug enjoying the pool in Memaw and Papaw's backyard. Memaw and Papaw have an awesome yard for the kids playing and adults just sitting around chatting. We only hope we can get our yard here in a shape for the same kind of enjoyment.

Jake, Jedd, and Jenna were waiting for the swimsuits to arrive and Kelvin was waiting to start a big ol' water fight. ;) Haha. Jokester, that Uncle Kelvin. =)

I'm not done, I still have more. ;) Just not today.

Sleep day today. Silly Bugga woke up vomiting in the middle of the night. Otherwise seemed fine, even smiling and playing a little. We learned he inherited his Momma's crazy loud vomit noises. So embarrassing! Poor kid. Can't hide it if he's sick, that's for sure. ;)

So many things you didn't need to know. Do I know how to wrap up a post or what?! =)

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G&M said...

poor Bugga, I hope he is feeling better soon... it's rough having and upset tummy. We love you guys and miss you!