Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just in case... didn't think we were crazy enough:

That's right. We are now fostering 2 dogs! Meet Mischief, a little bull terrier puppy that was a part of a big cruelty bust here in MN. He's a good boy so far, I'm sure we'll be getting to know him better over the next days.

I think we'll be a 3 dog family for a short time though; Pumba met 2 prospective families at adoption day today and we're pretty sure he's found his forever home. Very bittersweet for us and I am definitely still wrapping my head around Pumba leaving. =( How quickly we grow to love them.

Anyway, I still have more pictures and updates to share from our trip to NE. We're so sad J has to go back to work Monday! He had these first 2 weeks of June off and they positively FLEW by. =( Oh well. Oh and updates on swim lessons and such too. I'm way behind. HAHA.

CONGRATS to Elizabeth and Nathaniel! We hear little Grace Capri has arrived and we hope all are doing well. Very exciting!

Off to bed, lots of puppy wrangling tomorrow for sure. Good thing the Bug thinks dogs are so entertaining. ;) Paisley just came out to tell the boys it's time for I guess we all better listen to her and get our rest. =)

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