Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Virtual Bragbook

Okay folks...I just have to say it...we have THE BEST nieces and nephews ever. That statement may carry a tad bit of bias, I suppose, but they are pretty amazing kiddos. ;) They're just too cute and they each have so much personality.

I've been debating on the order of photos again, and random seems to win out every time. I thought I could sort into boys and then girls, but then the internal debate about whose pictures go first starts all over again and I've gotten nowhere. =) So here you have it, in no particular order, our amazing nephews and nieces:

Miss Faith Ann. This little girl has the most expressive face. As her Mom said, "she doesn't make the same face twice." I love to watch her reactions to things because of all the fun little faces she makes.

Jakie, showing Bugga his croquet moves (and boy does he have some to be showing off!).

The newest, little Miss Kaylee, who is just so much fun to have around. =)

Our ever-quiet and ever-helpful Jenna. She is just too sweet, not much I could say would do this little lady justice.

And Jedd. ;) This guy is probably the spit-fire of the bunch. Sweet as pie one minute, ornery as you can imagine the next. It's all in good fun though, and he definitely keeps us laughing. =)

Here's that cutie Kaylee again. She just fits right in, accepts everyone, will play with everyone, an easy going little gal for sure. =)

Our oldest niece, Riley. We couldn't be more proud of the little lady she's becoming. This picture makes me laugh though, because her Mom made her wear these clothes. As soon as she got the go-ahead, she was out of these "nice clothes" and into b-ball shorts and a tee with her hair in a pony tail. Or as J would say "the Riley we know and love."

Mr. Jacob smiling big for the camera. I was little surprised he was so patient with me! He was whooping everyone's hiney at croquet. It's those golf skills of his. ;)

Dear Jenna. She loves to read and is always ready to help with just about anything, including helping make several of the meals while we were there. You really couldn't ask for a better helper than Jenna. =)

Hmmm, I already claimed Kaylee as our newest, but really I think that title goes to little Colten here. Now just about 8 weeks old. So cute and so LITTLE. How easily I had forgotten how little they are! ;) We'll be anxious to see the personality on this little guy. With 2 older sisters (Faith and Riley), this little guy just may shake things up. Time will tell.

More on our trip to come. For now, suffice to say, WE LOVE YOU Riley, Jacob, Jenna, Jedd, Kaylee, Faith, and Colten! In age order there, in case anyone was wondering. ;) You're all amazing kids and we feel so blessed to count you as family and to be able to watch you grow up!


G&M said...

awesome! Thanks for sharing!! I like to be able to see what everyone looks like!

Danelle said...

Oh my goodness!!! How sweet!!! I can't wait to show the kids....they'll feel so proud to be on Aunt Amanda's blog!! I love the picture of Grady and Jake w/ the croquet set. How precious!! Thanks, girl!!!