Monday, July 7, 2008

Ack, untitled!

New posts have been pretty scarce of late, I know. I've been feeling a little uninspired, what can I say?!

It's Summer though, and what can be more inspiring than the sunshine, the blue skies and fluffy clouds, the abundance of wildlife we are blessed with around our home? Yes, you'd think I'd be inspired.

I have been inspired enough to grab the camera it seems. ;) Note, these are not great photos. They've been grab-and-go kind of photos, the kind you take when you can't be sure the subject will stick around for a re-do if needed. Wait, I guess that's not all that different than taking pictures of pets and kids. =)

Here is a paint turtle laying eggs in our driveway. In roughly 70 days we may get to see little baby paints emerge from their carefully dug hole/nest and scurry off to find the water. =) Not long after we found this turtle, we discovered another one doing the same in our backyard. We're really hoping we're aware enough to catch sight of these little babies once the time comes.

And then there was Momma Deer and Baby Deer. =) So cute. You might have to squint a bit or click for a larger image.

Later that day, during the rain, we caught sight of them around the front of the house too. Or at least we're assuming it's the same Momma and Baby. (Again, you might have to squint; they're heading down our driveway, away from the house.)

Finally, little tiny frogs like this one have been fairly common sights around our place. Jeremy finally looked it up on the MN Department of Natural Resources website: he's pretty sure it is a Western Chorus frog. It is so TINY!

We can't wait til Bugga is old enough to appreciate all the critters! I'm sure I'll have to endure begging to keep a little creature or two....and if he's anything like his Papa (or cousin Jedd!), we'll be sure to have a couple frogs, or turtles, or various bugs around at any given time. ;) Looking forward to it!

More updates to come...when inspiration strikes. HAHAHA. =)

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Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Wow, that frog is small! My boys would love it.