Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Puppy Breath!

Our new addition:

April Fools! Okay, technically I missed it. Oh well. His name is Alvin, he's just a foster puppy and he's only here til next Tuesday. Puppy-ness...sure spices life up (as if we really needed it!).

In case it occurred to anyone...yes, we run around screaming "Alllvvin!" Like Alvin and the Chipmunks, get it?! ;)

Of course, my mind travels back to last April Fools and a certain joke we played on Memaw and Papaw. Does Ben Dover ring a bell?! =)

Remember not long ago when I was expressing my pleasure at the fact that Bug hadn't outgrown his bed? I may have spoken too soon.

Last week, Bug became more of a beast when it came to bedtime. This was new, and not at all welcome from his Momma and Papa's perspective. So, we thought it might be a good time to try something new. Okay, really J thought so. I was a bit more reluctant to accept change (old habits die hard I guess). We pulled in the guest mattress and what do you know...the little stinker went back to his little angel self at bedtime. I guess he started feeling scrunched in his little baby hammock. Or something, who really knows?! (Don't worry Memaw and Papaw, we're planning on ordering a bed for him and returning the guest mattress to its rightful place real soon.)

Oh, and don't let the picture fool you--Paisley will not be a regular feature for naptimes. That was just yesterday. And probably her last chance to nap with him because less than an hour into his nap, she decided to do her customary stretch-and-shake-out and woke Grady up. Grrrrrr.

In other what's-new-with-Bugga news, we went to his first playgroup yesterday. More on that another time though! I've got some puppy snuggling to do while the little guy naps. =)


lindsey said...

I love alvin...I think you guys should keep him. He looks like he would fit right it;)

Amanda said...

Well that's just not helpful Lindsey! HAHAHAHA!