Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No gurlz allowed

Monday morning I was cleaning up in the kitchen and running around doing various household tasks and I stepped into the knotty room to see this:

J and Bug were building a fort! ;) Okay, so obviously J was building a fort for Bugga, though not really with his help. Unless you call yanking down the sheet or trying to crawl into the butterfly chair helping.

Still, it was all too cute. Look at his little smile here. I just cannot resist that face. Who could?!

And here they are having more fun "inside" the fort. Bug was having a blast reaching up for the sheet and grabbing and shaking it.

Parting shot. He was getting tired here, it was time for lunch and after lunch comes nap. Ahhh, sweet nap. Anyway, back to the picture. When the jumper-saucer went bye-bye, I pulled up my old butterfly chair from college to take its place. Bug likes to crawl into it...and then out of it. Head first! He doesn't do the whole feet first method yet, he's having too much fun flipping and flopping on his way out of chairs. =)

Okay, so more to come tonight. I'm blogging in tidbits to make it a little more digestible. Mmm...digesting...can you tell food is on my mind a lot lately?! ;)

And before anybody gets all spelling-police on me--yes, I know I spelled "girls" wrong, I was being silly. =) What's that you say? It's just not what you would expect of me?! That's why I did it. HAHAHA. Oh, and anyway, the title isn't true because J told me girls were most certainly allowed in the fort. Good to know. ;)

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