Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forgot to title this one! =)

I have lots of updating to do I know, and pictures of all the great cards and gifts that people sent for little Bugga. Our camera is off for repairs--boohoo!--so I might be a little behind. Oh and by the way, a few posts back, we were in a camera shop (no, not a gun shop Tara, you kook!).

I wanted to revisit that wonderful day over a year ago now that little Bugga joined us. I meant to do it in the last post, but was having trouble uploading pictures.

Here we are, Momma and Peanut (as he was known all through pregnancy and for the first couple days after birth, before he had a name), right after delivery.

A little while later...what a big hat for such a little noggin!

The next day was rough. I would have gone though labor and delivery again rather than deal with the aftermath that we had (heading the OR to repair an internal tear; having pre-eclampsia and being on magnesium sulfate and a catheter). For having such an easy and healthy pregnancy, I was sure in for a shock with the complications I had after he was out.

Here Papa took over the bed and had some cuddle time with the little guy. This was Monday morning, probably while I was getting ready to go home.

Of course, you're all pretty familiar with what he looks like these days (if you've been checking in with the blog anyway), but for comparison...

At the aquarium on his birthday, trying to get up close and personal with a snake (is this my sneak preview into the kind of little boy he's going to be?!):

With Memaw and Papaw, checking out the amusement park at the Mall of America.

More later! I know, I know...I'm all promises lately. ;)

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