Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just a few random shots. Cleaning house and preparing for Memaw and Papaw to get here to day...because BUGGA TURNS ONE TOMORROW!!!!! Insane, just insane. I really cannot believe it. I was talking to Bug today about how today is the last day that a year ago on this day he was in my belly. Yeah, he probably comprehended that about as well as you all are right now. It makes sense in my head anyway. I'm always comparing time--this week to last, this year to a year ago or three or five, today to yesterday.

Anyway, in case you thought that once the amby baby was gone, the pictures of Bug in bed would cease, here is the evidence to the contrary. ;) HAHA. Attacked by a bear...and nothing left to do but take a nap.

Spring in MN:

I keep having to remind myself that it is April. Of course, last year at this time in NY, we were facing similar weather. I only remember because we were getting ready to have a baby, so context like weather is burned in my memory.

This picture shows why fresh is almost always better.

Bugga loves blueberries, but have you priced fresh blueberries these days?! Ouch! So I thought, I can save a buck or two and get him some nice frozen blueberries (organic to boot with no added sugar, aren't I good?!). Oy, didn't think of the mess involved in frozen blueberries. Somehow fresh just doesn't do this. I didn't get a picture of his hands--his hands and under his nails were so very blue. I felt like I was putting my little smurf to nap that day after lunch. ;)

Oh, today we finally bid a real farewell to the jumper-saucer. A woman is coming to pick it up today. I kind of jumped the gun in saying goodbye a few weeks ago. We've been enjoying it here and there and it still fills a need, so I'm not really sure how I will reign in the Bug when I absolutely must get something done. I guess I still have his little chair (which, by the way, I highly, highly recommend; we don't have one of those big ridiculous high chairs, just this and it goes with us to restaurants and such too; we love it!).

Quick thanks to all those that have already sent along birthday wishes for the little guy. I'm going to get pictures up of everything, so for now I'll just say he got wonderful and thoughtful gifts from Uncle Chris and soon-to-be-Aunt Nichole, and Uncle Justin and Aunt Tara (and family of course), and a really sweet homemade card from Aunt Danelle and Uncle Kelvin and cousins Jake, Jenna, and of all of it to come I promise! You're all too sweet really! Oh and I hear more sweetness is on the way from Aunt Kim and Uncle Kirk and Grandma-Great Evelyn and Grandpa-Great Glenn. Not to mention, I imagine Memaw and Papaw might have something along from them too. Whew. Oh my! Bugga sure is loved!

Aunt Tara joked that if people didn't send anything, Grady wouldn't have gifts...haha...uh, hello?! We gave him life didn't we?! HAHAHA. We will try as he gets older to get more in the celebratory spirit for things like holidays and birthdays. It's just not us to do a lot. We're simple people, what can I say? I guess it's not how I grew up. That's not to say I grew up without love or closeness though. Okay, so there it is. Me defending my weak celebratory nature and promising to try more in the future. ;)

Okay, gotta go, lots to do and a fun weekend ahead. Hopefully I'll get lots of great pics up next week of the good times.

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