Saturday, April 26, 2008

Almost famous

No, not the movie. Though if I remember right, I enjoyed it.

Check this out! Pictures we took are on the home page of A Rotta Love Plus, the MN rottweiler and pit bull rescue, through which we fostered little Alvin. What a fun surprise when I visited their site this morning to see a picture we took of Alvin, and then to scroll down and see a picture of J, Bugga, and Alvin all cuddling. So fun!

Oh and speaking of Alvin, we have kept in touch with his foster Mom and got word that he is adoption pending! Go Alvin, you little scamp, you deserve all the happiness of a wonderful forever home little buddy!

Little Bugga is having a good Saturday morning. He is nekkie (what's new?) and dancing around. His dancing is really coming along now. He used to just display the kind of baby dancing with feet firmly planted in one spot and just his arms flailing and some hip swinging. Well, now he has moved on to some fancy footwork, it is just too funny to watch! I'll try to get video sometime soon, so we can share the dancing baby fun. I'll even put clothes on him for you all! ;)

Oh and guess what?! We have new snow on the ground! Absolutely ridiculous. I love snow, just ask anyone who really knows me, I do. However, I am more than ready for sunshine and being able to get Bugga and Paisley outside. Bored Bugga and Paisley are no fun and sometimes even downright miserable. So I'm counting on some quality outside time to help keep smiles on faces, furry and otherwise, for the next few months at least.

Winter, if you don't go away, how can we miss you???!!!!

No new pictures, sorry! Camera still out for repairs. I'm getting increasingly bummed by its absence. We still have our little canon of course, but somehow it in not the same. We've taken a few pictures, nothing I'm really excited about though. I'll probably post some soon regardless.

Before I go this snowy April morning (I shouldn't be writing that!), happy belated birthday to my dear friend Ruth!!! Check her out here, this video is just too cute and makes South Dakota sound just as cool as sunny California or exotic Fiji. Or at least I think so! ;) You're too fun Ruth! Ruth was my second college roommate and we haven't seen each other in a long time. Since we moved to MN, we finally live closer than a plane ride or a 24-hour drive away from each other, so hopefully soon we'll get together. Happy 27th Birthday Ruth, we love you!

Off to grab some coffee and join the boys on the floor for some magnet-puzzle book time. =) And hope my coffee doesn't end up all over the book. Maybe I should just watch from afar...hehe.


lindsey said...

I just wanted to let you know that all of your pictures of alvin made me want to adopt him and the video of ruth kind of made me want to vist south dakota.

Amanda said...

I know, isn't he the sweetest little thing! ;) Yeah, J especially was reluctant to give him back, and I think he secretly wanted to adopt the little guy...but I want to foster more and help more! Alvin is a great pup and is going to make an awesome adult dog too, we can just tell. =)

South Dakota is fun, hehe. Ruth does not lie! ;) But MN will be good enough for now I think...we can't wait for you to get here!!!!

lindsey said...

I can't wait to come. I really need a vacation. What day is grady's play group?

Amanda said...

It's Tuesday afternoon. Are you still up for it? I have to take's been all cookies and donut holes pretty much...I think I'll rock their world with some grapes. ;) HAHAHAHA. You can be my accomplice.