Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh help

Um. Let's see. Not sure where to begin.

Today was one of those days. The kind of day that makes me think I gave birth to a tiny demon with a very beguiling facade of innocence and cuteness set on a timer to expire 375 days after his birth. That would be today.

Wow. Much screaming. A good helping of tears. Tenacious attention to anything I didn't want him paying attention to. One good bite to Momma's arm. That was the moment the demon broke free. Little stinker! (That's pretty cleaned up compared to what I was thinking. And almost shockingly, I didn't say anything out loud to him except a loud "OWWW.") Just wow.

Finally, I think he's quiet and possibly even asleep (oh please!). Did I mention there was much screaming? Yup? Okay, just making sure. Whew. After screaming for about 10 minutes before bath, then pretty much all through bath, and then right into his bed, I was beat. I gave it a minute or two. Still screaming and crying. Went back in, layed down with the little guy. He started acting silly almost immediately. Then I couldn't help but laugh. Go figure, some of the cuteness facade was back in place, just after I thought it was lost for good. ;) I watched as he perfected his routine of sitting up in bed, tossing his blanket around, then looking at me laying there and throwing himself against me as if to say "okay, now I'll go to sleep," only to get up again within a minute or two. After about 10 minutes of this, I kissed him with finality, said "goodnight" and "I love you" and "I'll see you in the morning" and promised myself I wasn't going back as I shut the door.

And I didn't. It's okay though, because it appears sleep finally found him. I'm scared to check though. Jeremy had opened a bunch of the windows before he left for work and because of that I was also scared that at any moment (during all the screaming) some neighbors would call the cops thinking some horrible acts were being committed upon this screaming child. No cops on my door though, so all good.

I think I need some kind of dessert to clear my head after all this. Then I'll get to the good stuff.

Okay, I am back. Ahhh, sweet chocolate, really helps to take away the sting of a bad day. I know, I know, I'm a bit dramatic. No, my son is not a demon. He's a little boy and probably pretty typical as far as little boys go. I could even take a little more orneriness, a little more willfulness, if only it was accompanied by far less screaming. Wait, make that no screaming. (Is that possible at this age?!) For now though, I'll keep my hopes and dreams reasonable and just hope for less screaming and tears tomorrow and we'll go from there. =)

Now, back to the birthday! Here Bugga is surrounded by much of what Aunt Kim and Uncle Kirk (Great Aunt and Great Uncle?) sent. You can see Paisley is immensely interested in the musical dog puppet.

We can't wait to put him in that Husker red! I think we'll need to stop into Scheel's sometime and look for a similar shirt for J. I'm sure the Fall football season will bring lots of cute pictures of those two in their Husker gear, watching football. That is, if I'm around to take the pictures...maybe I'll take the opportunity to nap, or read, or clean, or get out of the house. ;)

Bugga looks bewildered by the dog puppet here! So funny! Tonight he was giving the doggy kisses as I was making him sing. He's not so bewildered anymore.

Aunt Tara and Uncle Justin were so cute and sent Grady 2 gifts: (in Tara's words) one so he can be like Daddy and one so he can be like Mommy. Here's his little tool bench and hammer, so he can be like Daddy (in case anyone had any doubts; you don't want to see me with a hammer in my hand, I'm sure!). I love the tongue of concentration in this shot! =) Ignore the ruined chair in the background, our cats are lucky to still have a home with what they've done to that chair.

Oh and by the way, the other gift so he can be like Mommy is a phone that lights up and talks and such. It is possessed, so it rarely has batteries in it anymore, because when it does, it will sit there in the middle of my floor and freak me out by repeating things over and over while no one is anyone near it. =)

When Memaw saw this picture, she gave it an apt caption: "Off to work." HAHA.

Uncle Chris and soon-to-be Aunt Nichole sent this adorable wood stool with Grady's name in little blocks built into the top. It is so sweet! I'm at my blogspot quota for pictures tonight, but we have more to share of him with this wonderful keepsake.

I don't have any pictures to share yet of the Noah's Ark book and blanket that Great Grandma Evelyn and Great Grandpa Glenn sent, sorry! Well, I have pictures, but they didn't turn out as well as I wanted, so we're waiting til we get our camera back from its repairs and will hopefully get some cute pictures to share.

This all makes me think I need to go way back to Christmas and get pictures of Bugga with the little "noisy" toolbench toy Aunt Danelle and Uncle Kelvin sent him. Hehehe, you're that Aunt Danelle, the one that sends the noisy toys. ;) Just teasing!

He also got sweet cards from Aunt Danelle and Uncle Kelvin (handmade to boot!), Beth and Scott, and Auntie Ruth. THANK YOU to everyone that thought of the little guy on his first birthday, you are all so sweet! Despite what I might say after certain's been an amazing year full of wonderful blessings.

I promised myself I'd get to bed much earlier than last night, so off I go! Love to you all though!


4 Little Men & Twins said...

You're little guy is ADORABLE!!! I'll get you added to the boy momma bloggers list.

So glad you stopped by... hope to hear from you again soon.


Amanda said...

Thank YOU for stopping by! Always enjoy your blog so it is like an honor that you stopped by to see mine. ;)