Thursday, March 27, 2008

And he's back!

Well folks, J is home already. Yes, the time flew. No, I didn't get anything done. Ugh. I mean I didn't even blog, what does that tell you?!

I wanted to share another shot of J and Bugga taken last Sunday. We have SO MANY more, we had a veritable photo shoot that day.

Here's a random picture I took of Bug this week.

The camera kind of got some time off while J was gone because I just didn't seem to reach for it. I guess I was missing one of my favorite subjects. Ahhhh... ;)

So can anyone guess where we were in the next two pictures? Okay, it might be a tough one. Lindsey, based on recent conversations, you might get this. Here's a clue: I think J is developing an unhealthy obsession with lenses. Unluckily enough--or luckily, depending on your perspective--his wallet can't quite meet the demands of his current lens wishlist.

Okay, I need to finish up and spend time with my boys. Together again, I love just watching them play and laugh. A smiling Grady bug seems like a good send-off for tonight.


G&M said...

He is such a good mix of both of you. Some days I see Jeremy and others I see you... too cute. His eyes are simply adorable. I am sure you get lots of compliments.

Sorry I called so late tonight... I forget we are now 2 hours different and not just 1... so again sorry... I hope I didn't interrupt anything!!

Love Tara

Amanda said...

Hey Tara!

No, you didn't interrupt anything...Bugga decided tonight that sleep was just not necessary for him. ;) So we were battling him til well after 11, which is totally weird for us. =(

Otherwise I would have called you back (I was in with screaming boy and J didn't get to the phone fast enough).

When things calm down on your end, feel free to call! You're having such a busy week!