Thursday, September 25, 2008

This one's for the dogs

I'll keep my rambling to a minimum today. I know, I know, it must be your lucky day! ;)

Our Paisley sweet with her collarmania collar I mentioned some time ago; here is a better shot of it (you might have to click to make it larger to really see it).

And this one just made J and I bust a gut when we first saw it. Maybe you need to click to make it larger. Or maybe you need to know and love her to see just how funny it is...anyway, if you don't giggle, well...bullocks to you (that's right, I went British there for a sec).

See how big MadLibs is getting?! Oh my! =)

And here Missy Pants just looks regal. To me, anyway. ;) Isn't our girl pretty?!

Libby Loo up close and personal. This little lady is beyond spunky, luckily the rest of the time she is usually beyond sweet. ;) Her meet-and-greet got moved to this coming Saturday, so stay tuned for the Libby update.

Also stay tuned for the big Bug update. Or at least pictures...coming soon...I promise!

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