Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Girl!

Or should I say "It's a Gril" (If you haven't already checked it out, hop on over to the Cake Wrecks blog through either of these links. If you need a laugh, you'll thank me.)

Meet Libby. Or Ibby. Or MadLibs. We always nickname the heck out of any living being in our midst, so it is no surprise that less than a week ago this little girl didn't have a name or a home and now she is with us, in a home, with a name and many a nickname and loads of cuddles to boot.

This is the first time we have ever named a dog. Isn't that crazy! How many have we shared out home with now? And this is the only one we've had any part in naming. I won't share how we got the name, because truth be told it's not terribly family friendly, but we think it works for her. (Hint~it has to do with a joke about distinguishing between the 2 female dogs in our house, as we've never had 2 females before.)

Kisses from Ibby to Papa, her new favorite man.

The Bugga actually had moments when he wasn't sure of little Libby early on. Which is strange, because before he had never met a dog he didn't think was hilarious and nothing short of wonderful. Libby is a tiny puppy though with tiny needle teeth and she thinks Bugga is kind of like a toy at times. ;) Bug has come around to her mostly though and thinks she is funny like all the rest these days. She however remains wary of him at times, because his 25 pounds to her 5 pounds make for painful hugs for Libby Loo. HAHAHA.

So there you have it, this is where I've been. We got our newest foster addition last Thursday and since then we've been back to sleepless nights and major clean-up duty. I don't remember the newborn Bug being quite this bad to be honest. ;) Libby is 6 weeks, approximately, way tiny, found abandoned and turned over to A Rotta Love Plus. The family that found her thought she was a boy...hmmm...not sure where they learned about anatomy...but anyway, we were lined up to take him. Well, he turned out to be she, but we were still available and one of the most suitable foster homes available for puppy-dom since I stay home with Grady.

I will say, she is a spunky little thing. Don't let her size fool you for a second, because she is anything but delicate! I think she may be a smarty, as she is already responding to training, doing wonderful on eye contact, name-game, sit, and today we even started the groundwork for lay. I didn't really think we could work much with such an itty thing, but she is proving me wrong for sure.

Paisley is doing well, though she isn't so keen on helping Libby learn how to play and be an appropriate dog buddy. =( She just would rather ignore her much of the time, so we'll need to set up play dates for Ibby so she learns right from wrong in the world of doggie ettiquette. ;) There's only so much we can teach her, as her interactions with humans are obviously going to be different than those with fellow dogs, and she needs to be a good girl with both. =)

Monkey has already told Libby off a few times. Have I mentioned how much I love our Monkey girl?! She is the most amazing little cat I've ever met and I don't know what I'll do when her time with us is up. Though I wouldn't be shocked if she somehow lives forever, she's just that kind of cat you swear will never die. Or age, for that matter.

I'm such a slacker blogger these days, and when I do get on here, I just ramble about pets. Go figure! OH...my second college roommate Ruth is coming THIS WEEKEND! I am beyond excited, it has been years upon years since we've seen Ruthie. And she always makes me laugh and laugh and laugh (a very risky thing if I have a full bladder! HAHA). So much to do this week, get the guest room looking like a guest room ;), menu plan, clean, clean, and clean some more and clean as I go because I'll have 2 little ones coming behind me helping to mess it all up again. =) Wish me luck!

Better go retrieve the Bug from his room as it has been 2 hours and he is obviously not going to take a nap today. =( Unlike Libby, who is sacked out on my lap, her favorite place to sleep. =)


l e a h said...

Wow. You have quite the brood now!

Congratulations on little Ibby-Libby.

My husband and I are still contemplating family expansion beyond just the low-maintenance compost worms. Maybe we'll get a newt.

G&M said...

awww she is so tiny!!

Lindsey said...

Finally... I was starting to worry. I've been on almost daily hoping to find a new blog. I've been thinking about you all a lot lately. Hope your trip to Nebraska was good. We'll talk soon.
Hugs to the G-man. And Libby is so cute.