Saturday, September 20, 2008

NE City

Okay, I hate to bury that post about Auntie Ruth (so Ruth if you're reading...scroll down lady!). Especially since I'm so terribly lacking in creativity right now (uhhh, check the title). But hey, 2 blog posts in 2 days, whatcha gonna do?! ;)

About a month ago now, we traveled back to NE and I haven't shared any pictures (ack, what is wrong with me?!). J was working near Nebraska City for a week and Bugga and I joined him for a bit in between time in Superior visiting with the fam. Here we are at the Arbor Day Tree Farm, where they had this awesome little outdoor space for kiddos. They had this huge marimba, very fun!

There was a little tree house set up with panels of fabric that could be manipulated to divide spaces. Little Bug was asking me for drink here in ASL. He seems to know "big people" drinks from his age-appropriate sippies and seems to prefer the "big people" version. ;)

More of the treehouse....

After exploring the outdoor "classroom" space, we hit the trails through the park. J broke out the sling and Bug enjoyed the Papa-tram as we explored. HAHAHA.

More sling fun, reaching for his shoe. Probably to remove it, because what is more fun than removing shoes?! =)

Check out my hubby's blue, blue eyes!!! Bug is not quite with the program in this shot, is he?!

And for the super-random shot of the day, here's our little niece Kaylee. ;) Could she be any cuter????

Playing outside...

We got very few pictures of the family, even though the trip was chock full of good times with Grady's cousins and his aunts and uncles and Memaw and Papaw and great-grandparents and on and on. =) We will all be together again within 2 weeks though, so be ready everyone... We can't wait!!!

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l e a h said...

Your kid has the cutest lips ever. Have I told you that already?

Ah, NE. I've been there once or twice or five times.
I'm from WI.
Have I told you that already? I think you asked where I was from once.

Okay, so clearly I need to start remembering what I tell people, so I don't have to end each comment with 'have I told you that already?'...