Thursday, September 25, 2008


And now I return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

(In case anyone out there might be wondering...yes, that is the magic door behind which we found our dearly departed woodchuck...but no, Grady was not the one who found it.)

The standard joke around here "But you can't crate the kid..." Wait a minute, is it okay if he crates himself???? =)

Shoes, glorious shoes!!! Look, he even has them on the right feet, must be a budding baby genius, yes?! ;) HAHAHA.

Pucker up baby! J captured this, I think it is pretty fun. =)

Bugga lifting himself up while holding on to Papa's fingers. While Paisley peeks from behind (okay, so I couldn't go completely pet-free. What can I say?! They're always around.)

Here you get to see Angry Bug. Mad because his coveted broomstick got stuck in the fence. By his own doing, I might add. Not that it matters to a toddler whose fault it is. ;)

I'm sneaking in a picture of our new toy. We've gone over the deep end people!

It's been storming all day. Evidently that was just the right incentive I needed to blog. Okay, maybe not, but today it was and it happened to be rainy. I love the rain! I don't so much love being stuck inside with a toddler, 2 crazy pooches, and moody cats, but such is life.

In less than a week now we'll be in CO...wooohooo! And then in just over a week, off to sunny Mexico! We have been the great traveling Jacksons this year, very odd for us.

Back to real life and my messy kitchen and my once-again misbehaving dishwasher. Darn lemon of a thing! Must clean up from lunch--mmmm, Fall risotto with pear a fried sage leaves. YUM if I do say so myself. ;)

I think I've salvaged the month of September, but I can't promise I'll see you until mid-October. Well, "see" in a bloggy sense, but you knew that right?! Of course, maybe I'll get a wild hair and post again tomorrow. You just never know. =) At any rate, thanks for tuning in.


G&M said...

ok... so I am LOVING... Grady in his underpants... his little bum looks so stinkin cute! I love it!

Amanda said...

I know! I am a total EC believer having my almost 18-month old in little underpants-trainers (and typically only having 1 oops a day lately). =)

And to think...I thought cloth dipes were cute...little unders are way too cute.

You should see his little boxer-briefs Tara, it's almost too much. ;) HAHAHA.

G&M said...

I wish I had the patience and dedication you have to have done the EC... but sadly... I admit, with Mason being my second... and having had 2 in diapers at the same time... I felt too overwhelmed. Hindsight, I probably could have done it, but I wasn't sure enough of myself and my capabilities... I was more or less scared "poo"less! You need to advocate for EC!!

G&M said...

ok... so the new pic... that "mean mug" face... LOL CRACKS me up... and he gets that from his mommy... Ive seen it on you a time or two!!

Nathaniel, Elizabeth, and Grace said...

The pic of him by the door with the green shirt and all the leaves is so fall-ish and cute! Thanks for the encouragement on my blog...things are going better!