Friday, February 29, 2008

So that's it...

...February has come and gone. Where does the time go??!! Really, I would love to know. As time flies by, we creep closer and closer to Grady baby's first birthday. Soon, it will have been one full year since we welcomed him into this world on a blessed Friday the 13th. It seems like just yesterday I called our wonderful friend Lindsey crying about how I was pregnant and making awful off-hand jokes about it. Or the night we had our dear friends the Stewarts over and told them...and Tara screamed "I knew it!" I wasn't even showing Tara, but you sure made me feel like a chunky-monkey that night! HAHA.

Ahhh...but time marches on. And bellies shrink back down. Well, mostly. And babies grow into walking, talking toddlers. Who grow into curious youngsters who color and learn and make mud pies. And those youngsters become teenagers who hate you and love you at the same time. And those teenagers eventually become adults and maybe, just maybe, parents themselves. AGHHHH...grandmotherhood, here I come. =)

I really have no idea why my mind is on this subject today. I really didn't have a plan when I decided to post either, just thought I should end the month with one final blog-hurrah.

Bug is napping--I think, I haven't checked, though the monitor is quiet--and I have lots to do, so I should just pick some pictures and get them loading. Bug and I are picking Papa up from work and going to the Chinese Buffet in Monticello tonight. Yum!

Oh! And a big shot-out THANK YOU to all those who remembered my birthday this past Monday. I'm going to list you, but in random order, so do NOT get offended at where you fall on the list...because it's random. Danny and Linda, Glenn and Evelyn, Danelle and fam, Kim and Kirk, Tara, Lindsey, Amanda, Ruthie. There, short and random and I love you all! It was special to be remembered, though we didn't actually do anything special here (and some of you who have talked to us since know just how un-special it was).

Moving on to the pictures.

I bravely held a naked-baby photo shoot in our bedroom the other day. The sunshine coming in was too tempting to resist! Thankfully, no deposits of any kind--with the exception of much baby drool--were left on the bed.

A booty in focus. I loved the light coming in the room. Grady was playing with the lampshade. On Papa's side of the bed of course (I'm so ornery to put his pillows in greater risk than my own). It occurred to me as I was loading this picture that I would never post a picture of my naked booty or J's or even Grady's when he is just a few years older. What is it about a baby booty that is just so much more innocent and acceptable?!

Check it out while you can....Bugga crawling. The days are numbered. Stay tuned to the blog in March for lots of walking updates and video (we've already got some, I'm just holding out on you all).

Here's Bug pondering life and all its mysteries:

Okay, not really. Obviously. But doesn't he look so old here? Ugh. Won't be my baby for much longer I fear. Though J insists he's a Momma's boy...I secretly smile inside. Oh, don't worry. I'll cut him free, I promise. And I promise not to insist no one will ever be good enough for him because I love him most. Though I do. Hehehehe.

Seriously though, I figure now is my time, Momma's time, because as he gets older he'll realize Momma is kind of boring and that Papa is much more fun. So he can be a Momma's boy for now, because I know that when it comes time to really play--time to run and jump, and make messes, and build stuff and plan wacky ploys to trick or scare people (namely me)--that J will be his go-to guy. And that is fine with me. As long as I can find a safe place to get out of their way. =)

Happy New Month tonight everyone! See you in March.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog!!!!

Amanda said...

Is this my random stranger???


Ahhh...maybe I'll disable that whole anonymous option. The mystery is almost too much for me to handle. =)

lindsey said...

Is it kind of freaking you out now knowing that strangers could be looking at ya? I thought that you did a great job of ending the month. I can't wait for the first blog for march!

G&M said...

Ok... so not three exclamation marks... rather 4 marks... that makes it even more intense! I wanted to tell you that "best of" has a few new ones finally... no luck on picking a car seat.. we are far too picky! We drive ourselves nuts! Hope your afternoon went fine and you aren't too sore from you fall... get lots of rest tonight!
Love Tara

Amanda said...

Nahhh...I ain't scared.


Thanks Linds! And just think...after March comes April...and after April comes May...and in May you'll be HERE! Wooohooo! =)

Amanda said...

So what Tara?! Are you saying our car seat is crap? Yeah, thanks.

HEHE! Just kidding. to check out best of craigslist. You're naughty! I need a Sunday night pick-me-up anyway.

I'm so glad you guys are feeling better and thanks for sending some of that healing-feeling (haha) my way. Though I need for a totally different reason (my own lack of coordination vs. illness).

G&M said...

Not saying your car seat sucks... we can't find it in any stores here... and Justin won't buy something he can't see with his eyes first!! Check you out... miss blogging fool... you put me to shame!