Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bugga speaks

Tonight, I'm going to let Bugga speak for himself:

Did you catch that? Anyone have a translation?

Yeah, me neither. But it sure is fun listening to him carry on in his silly baby-babble ways.

Here's the man himself taking a few well-placed--albeit wobbly--steps:

And here's another one, just for good measure. With a bubbly-smile to boot.

He has actually gotten a lot more steady on his feet since these videos were taken. He can turn and change directions now too. And stand up on his own without using me, or J, or Pai or the chair or...okay, you get it. He still has numerous moments where he is crazy-wobbly and way too excited to stay upright for very long, but he's getting there.

March is here, and gosh darn it, I'm tired. I fell...AGAIN....this weekend. It was on the steps heading downstairs. Ridiculous! Thankfully, this time I didn't have the Bug in my arms, otherwise it would have been even more disastrous. Where oh where has my coordination gone??!! Scary!

I would love to post some fun video of Grady in the bath tonight. I fear I've spent enough time loading these three though, so I'll save that for another day. Something to look forward too I suppose. ;)

Oh! I got to watch The Business of Being Born. !!!!! Okay, so I realize there is probably a limited audience for this one, but if you're expecting, or planning to someday expect (Lindsey...I swear it's not as gross as you think....come on....some day, okay?), or just happen to think childbirth and maternity care are interesting, it is worth a gander. And if you're a netflix user, they have it on instant-watch too (the video quality doesn't seem as good, but still very watchable through this method). I really enjoyed it and it did give me a new perspective on childbirth. The trailer doesn't quite do it justice in my opinion, so if the trailer scares you or seems too one-sided, I still suggest giving it a shot.

So there's my Sunday night viewing suggestion for you all. =) Here's hoping this Sunday night isn't like last Sunday night. We'll see what we see. (Say the last sentence David Spade...anyone?)

See how badly I need the sleep?! Whew.


Amanda said...

Hey Tara,

Yeah, we took a blind leap of faith on the car seat, because we hadn't seen it in person either. Couldn't find it at any stores. ={ Well, I hope you find something for Miss Gab soon!

Yes, I'm a blogging fool alright. Couldn't sleep last night and the only thing that kept me from blogging was the fact that I had just posted one. Ugh.

Seriously, J's alarm went off this morning and I'd been tossing and turning all night but thought it was only like midnight or 1 a.m. How disappointing to find out it was 5 a.m.!!!! =(

A tired Monday it will be I guess.

G&M said...

Hey sweety!
I love the babbling. He really is trying to get a point across... that is for sure. He is so cute... Mason is such a terror... wanna trade!? JK... right? hahaha.

I would never be able to convince Justin to buy a car seat he isn't able to see in person first. He is just that way. Do any stores sell it do you know? I think we will be ordering off Amazon... Britax is all 20% off this week.

Hope your Mon and Tue were ok... I will call you tomorrow