Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All the fun that can fit in a box

So, I'm a genius.

Wait...that doesn't sound right.

Okay, go back, now read it dripping, and I mean dripping, with sarcasm. Ahhh...yes, that's more like it.

Yesterday was very much a Monday around here. I scraped my booty on the counter in the laundry room trying to stand up (enter standard joke--stand up much?--here). Then I cut my finger on a knife trying to rearrange something in the silverware drawer. Uh, rearrange much? Okay, that one didn't work as well. Moving on...

But, the topping on the cake really had to be when I attempted to go up and over a piece of furniture--rather than move it out of my way or go around--with my precious little Bug in my arms yesterday afternoon. That was the moment I knew I was a genius.

I, for one, was not designed for "up and over." There are people in this world that were. Hurdlers come to mind. And Tom Cruise. And people that jump the turnstiles to save a buck. My sense of balance, on the other hand, simply isn't strong enough for those kind of maneuvers. I pull them off now and again, by myself mind you, and it really deludes my own sense of what I can, and cannot, do. Being silly enough, and sadly mindless enough, to add a 20+ pound infant to my arms and then attempt something like that...OUCH!

And double OUCH for baby Bugga who had no choice in the matter, no chance of preventing it, and little left to do but cry. And cry and cry. And I couldn't blame him. I found, thankfully, few real injuries on him. Unlike myself as I am acutely aware of about 4 different places on my body that took a hit during the tumble. (My booty, again, being one of them.) At any rate, it seemed the back of his neck and lower part of his head got hit, so we were on concussion watch. Nothing came of it. Again, thank goodness. If my stupidity ever seriously injured him, I don't know that I could forgive myself.

Such an injurious and accident-prone Monday was really a fitting start for this week that doesn't promise much. We are resigned to the fact that we will most probably be having to go file with conciliation court this Friday over our still-unreturned security deposit from the 2 months we were in a rental house when we first moved to MN this past October. UGH! We just can't believe our luck that the only time in our lives--yes, the only time--that we rented and had a landlord, we end up getting stiffed on our security deposit and have to go to court. If anyone has any great tips on the process or words of advice, bring them on. We're beyond mad and extremely frustrated.

It's so ridiculous. Our former landlord seemed to be such an awesome guy and there was a time I was really singing this guy's praises because he took a chance on a young couple, their baby, and 4 pets. I really felt our chances of finding a rental willing to take us was slim to none and he was automatically a "good guy" in my eyes for taking us. And the whole time we lived there, which really was less than 2 months, he continued to seem a pretty stand-up guy. It was once we were out that he began to seem incredibly shady. Not returning phone calls, saying 3 times now "check's in the mail" and still nothing, claiming not to have gotten our many mesages. Our friend Tara thoughtfully pointed out that he sure got our messages when were looking to rent the place. Ahh, very astute Tara, very astute.

Anyway, that's our drama around here.

Oh, big update! We got the blue diaper pins back. ;) HAHAHA. And I'm sure the hostess lady at Old Chicago was beyond impressed when I did a little hop and clapped when she revealed to me that she found them (after first telling me they tossed all their lost and found when corporate came...what?!). Yes, a hop and a clap for diaper pins. Sometimes I'm just too easy to please. Note to J: forget diamonds, stick with pins. Cashmere scarfs on wicked sale don't hurt either. ;) (He picked me up one for less than $7 at Target yesterday, how cool is that?!)

Two videos today. Jackpot right? =) Watch Paisley get all kooky over the popper packaging stuff that came in our delivery of pampered chef stoneware last weekend.

And then watch Grady get kooky playing in the same box. What a funny boy. He spills over the edge a couple times. Don't worry, he wasn't really at risk (as opposed to yesterday). I still don't quite know how he even did it...twice. Maybe it's just that when his weighty noggin crosses over the edge of the box, the rest of his body has no choice but to follow. ;)

I'll call it a day in blog-land now. I have some pics I really want to share, but I'll wait til another day for that. For now, enjoy the live action representations of life for the Jackson family.

Oh, and by the way, I never realized how much I say "woa" til we started videotaping and posting the videos. Very Joey-esque, wouldn't you say? You know, from Blossom? Oh, come on, I know you know, don't deny it. ;)


Justin said...

"Fun in a Box"... very interesting... we are curious if it is eluding to the Justin Timberlake skit on Saturday Night Live... ring a bell at all!?!? For some reason it seemed as though Jeremy cracked himself up with that one... good one Jeremy.
Great videos... everyone "goes kooky for suzuki" in the Jackson clan... love it!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh Tara! We are so in sync (just to further the joke; get it, Justin Timberlake, n sync, haha). We were laughing about that last night and figured your two minds would go that direction too! ;)

Then we were making up "bug in a box" lyrics (less dirty obviously).

By the way, we hated those "kooky for suzuki" commercials in NY; they were pretty much just as bad as the "huge" commercials for fucillo or whoever that annoying dude was. Ahh...memories, huh?!

G&M said...

We hated those commercials too... that is why I put that... whenever I use the word kooky now... I can't help but annoyingly sing the little phrase "kooky... for suzuki"... however the HUGE commercials were by FAR more annoying to me... on every other commercial, cheaply made at that... it's gonna be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE
ugh... gag me

G&M said...

Ok... so please explain to your husband that I guess I AM the only one that got the Tom Cruise thing... Justin said he didn't until I explained it... and he said to tell you that most men won't get it.

WHATEVER... they are just turds... they are the lamo ones not all up on the "whos who of whoville" I mean seriously... EVERYONE should know of the fool Tom Cruise looked when on Oprahs couch jumping for joy at his astounding love for "Kate". HAHAHA...

We are sooooooooooo not lamo