Monday, February 18, 2008

A Monday Pick-Me-Up

It's Monday. And if you follow this cyber-rambling of mine, you know that last Monday was not so great. The whole week seemed to follow suit, so I'm ready for a fresh start.

Here's a little video that might help if some of you are feeling the same:

I'm snuggled on the lounger with Miss Paisley and the oh-so-big-and-fluffy Turdie boy. I really shouldn't be being so lazy, or indulging Pai like this, but I can't seem to help myself today. Again, it's Monday. That'll be my standard excuse for all my misbehaviors today. ;)

Bugga is napping. Whew. Some days he can be so...well, cranky! Don't get me wrong, he's adorable and sweet and fun and we love him to bits. I know I have my days when I am not so pleasant, so I try to apply that understanding to my sweet little boy, when he's being not-so-sweet. I'm theorizing that some of his recent crankiness has to do with him being on the threshold of that ever-important new skill of walking. I try to think about life from a baby's perspective and I know it must be pretty frustrating. I also know that I can't really think about life from a baby's perspective. I can think about it from the perspective of an adult trying to think like a baby, which really isn't saying a whole lot other than that I'm trying, desperately trying, to empathize with him and not villify his crabby nature when it rears its ugly little head.

So when he wakes up, I'll smile and hug him and be cheery-Momma and hope for the best. Maybe with rest, some of his frustration (or whatever it is) melted away and can be replaced with his more enjoyable happy exploration (even if it's through all the kitchen drawers) and little baby giggles. We'll see soon enough anyway.


Even though Bugga took an uncharacteristically long nap today (3 hours, woohoo!), our silly internet and blogspot couldn't finish the task of uploading the video before he was up.

I am very pleased to report that he is back to being my sweet little guy since waking up. It's only been just over an hour, so I won't hold my breath that this will last til bedtime, but for a's pretty good. =)

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G&M said...

cute video! All Mason wants to do is pull Kodas tail and slap Aubrey. She drives him nuts always in his face trying to kiss him!